Art – Keith Haring and

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ARTKeith Haring and Denim Spring 1 and 2 9M

Key Skills

Learning Objectives

Teaching Activities and Focused Tasks


Cross Curricular

Exploring ideas and collecting visual resources.
Understanding some purposes of art and craft from another culture.
Making links between their own and other artist’s work.
Working independently

To learn to frame details on an image
To manipulate clay and investigate its qualities.
To explore the art of Keith Haring and other artists.
To produce a variety of 2D and 3D outcomes based on the theme.

4/1/10 Presentation on Keith Haring- based sculpture. Students choose 2-4 templates for clay sculptures, they cut around the shapes chosen.

11/1/10 Clay demonstration of creating a base and scoring techniques to join clay shapes. Students use scoring techniques to attatch shapes made to their base. They then smooth clay and press designs into it before allowing to dry.

18/1/10 25/1/10 New project begun – Discuss history of denim garments. Observational drawings/rubbings of denim garments including details- zips, buttons, etc. Use photographs of chosen composition to trace image for less able. Photocopies made of drawings and a range of media used to decorate.

1/2/10 Students frame a detail of their chosen jeans and use viewfinder to draw out neatly. Transfer the design onto a polyboard.

8/2/10 22/2/10 Print polyboard first colour, cut away some of the design and reprint using a second colour on top. Print onto unusual surfaces – newspaper, tissue, etc.

1/3/10 ICT session: students take turns photographing jeans and use paintshop program to manipulate images. When not taking photographs, students will research the work of Jasper Johns.

8/3/10 15/3/10 Photographs will be developed into clay relief studies of jeans, by building up using slab techniques. Add texture, under glaze, then leave matt. Evaluate





6 and 7

9 and 10.


Counting layers of colour on prints and geometry with emphasis on shapes week 1 and 2. As needed by individual students.


P8.2, 1.2, 2.2 Use ICT to help share their ideas in different forms (digital camera)

Work Related learning

Reference made to artists and the art industry.

Care of equipment and resources.

Planning own work schedule.

Keywords (Literacy)

Keith Haring, Jasper Johns, viewfinder, observational drawing, polyboard print.

Students will all communicate with an Art-specific vocabulary as much as possible.

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