Mount penn borough municipal authority minutes regular meeting october 14, 2015

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OCTOBER 14, 2015

The regular meeting of the Mount Penn Borough Municipal Authority was held on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, in the meeting room of the John A. Becker Municipal Building, 200 North 25th Street, Reading, PA 19606 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Dennis Swartz. The following Board members were present in addition to Mr. Swartz:
John Chiarelli, Vice Chairman

Joseph Boyle, Secretary

Alfred Worrall, Treasurer

Thomas Smith, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Also present were the following:
Teresa Christof, Business Office Manager

Richard Genova, Water System Foreman

Dale Heckman, Arro Consulting

Brad Smith, Arro Consulting

Mark Merolla, Solicitor

Steve Davis, Consumer Accounts Associate

Janice Kline, Customer

Janice Kline stated she came into our office and handed Steve Davis a check for her water/sewer bill. The check wasn’t posted to her account, and it never cleared her bank account. She placed a stop payment on the check and issued us another check. Ms. Kline requested that the Board review office procedures to ensure that bill payments aren’t lost in the future. The Board apologized for the error and told her we would issue a credit to her account for the stop payment fee.

Motion was made by Joseph Boyle, seconded by John Chiarelli, to approve the minutes of the September 2015 meeting. All approved.
Motion was made by Joseph Boyle, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to approve the Treasurer’s Report for September 2015. All approved.

We have approximately 200 Sensus meters that still need to be replaced.
We received the (attached) quotes from Exeter Supply for water sampling stations. These water sampling stations would be installed near the endpoints in our water system. Water samples will be taken from the sampling stations to comply with the D.E.P.’s new Total Coliform Rule for chlorine residual testing.
We discovered an illegal water connection at 1545 Friedensburg Road. The customer has a shut-off valve installed that bypasses our water meter. Board approval was given to issue a shut-off notice to the owner stating that they have 48 hours to repair the water connection. Mt. Penn plumbing inspector, Brian Sands, and Rich Genova will complete an inspection of the new water connection.
Motion was made by John Chiarelli, seconded by Thomas Smith, to authorize Barwis Construction to repair the 1” water main to 2407 Perkiomen Avenue for $11,093.76. All approved. (Invoice Attached). The water main break is too difficult for us to repair ourselves.
Motion was made by John Chiarelli, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to authorize Mike Snyder Roofing to replace the roof on Well House 6 for $1,500.00. All approved. (Invoice Attached)

A safety meeting was held on eye safety and proper lifting techniques to prevent back injury.

Dale Heckman stated that he will be retiring at the end of this year. He introduced his replacement, Brad Smith, to the board members. Brad Smith will be our engineer effective 01/01/16.
Dale Heckman stated that he will be meeting with a contractor regarding the replacement of the 6” water main on Oley Turnpike Road and Bingaman Street. He should have a quote for our next board meeting.
Dale Heckman hasn’t received a response from Penn Dot regarding the Perkiomen Avenue repaving project.
Dale Heckman stated that Mumford Bjorkman Associates will complete an inspection of our million gallon water tank for $2,600.00.
There was some discussion about the proposed Senior Housing Development located next to Stokesay Castle. The proposed development is located in our water service area. Mark Merolla will send a letter to the developer of the proposed housing development stating that we provide water service in that area.
Mark Merolla distributed the (attached) memorandum to the Board members regarding proposed changes to our Rules and Regulations.

The board members received our June 30, 2015 audit report. The report shows an operating loss of $46,959.00. Our operating expenses have increased due to major water main breaks.
We had our Source Water Protection Public presentation on 09/24/15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Mt. Penn Primary Center’s auditorium. Joseph Boyle stated that the presentation was very successful. Several residents attended and asked some very good questions.
Motion was made by Alfred Worrall, seconded by Thomas Smith, to approve our 2016 Minimum Municipal Obligation of $39,023.00 for our pension plan. All approved.

We received the (attached) letter from the County of Berks stating that they approved our request for tax exemption for real estate taxes to our Carsonia Park property located at 905 Byram Street.
A.V.R.C.C. had their reorganization meeting. There is another leak in the main pool; approximately 15,000 gallons per day.
The Borough of Mt. Penn and Lower Alsace Township have agreed to contribute $1,000.00 towards the replacement of the siding to the recreation center building.
The Antietam Valley Recreation Commission is organizing a meeting with representatives from A.V.R.C.C., the Borough of Mt. Penn, Lower Alsace Township, and Exeter Township to discuss the sharing of the maintenance to Carsonia Park.

No Report.

No Report.


We received a letter from former board member, Charlie Getrost, regarding the $3,950.00 contribution Mt. Penn B.M.A. made toward the Carsonia Park Master Development Plan. The $3,950.00 contribution will be used for our Source Water Protection plan. It will also be used as matching funds for the D.E.P.’s Growing Greener grant application we submitted for our well-head protection at Carsonia Park and Crystal Lake.

An executive session was called at 9:16 p.m. to discuss personnel. No action was taken. Motion was made by Joseph Boyle, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to adjourn the meeting at 9:27 p.m. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa A. Christof

Recording Secretary

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