Minutes of the regular meeting of the east petersburg borough council

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December 3, 2013



December 3, 2013

The meeting of the East Petersburg Borough Council came to order at 7:00 P.M. with the following members of Council and employees present: President Cappy Panus, Vice-President John Wolf, Connie McElwain, Tom Huber, Greg Bucher, Mary Armstrong, Adam Gochnauer, Mayor Jeff Geoghan, and Borough Manager Robin Hemperly Absent:

Call Regular Meeting to Order 7:00 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given.

Minutes: It was moved and seconded (Wolf/Huber) to accept the minutes of the November 6, 2013 Borough Council Meeting. Unanimous approval.

Bill Payment Review. No questions.

Visit From: Jeremy Eberly (Boy Scouts) and Scott Owens (Rotary). Jeremy explained that his Eagle Scout project is to install new fitness equipment in the Fitness Park. He said he conducted a survey on Fitness Day about what the public thinks about the project and came up with positive feedback. He is hoping to be done with the project by the end of next fall. Mr. Owens of the Rotary said part of their application for Rotary Foundation Grant has to approve a sustainability plan. Councilman Gochnauer said that he looked over a lot of the equipment and knowing what he does with the stuff used at HARC, a lot of the exercise stuff, the equipment is the stuff you want to be putting outside, it isn’t moving parts, not that it can’t be damaged but obviously the more moving parts more chance that you’re going to have long term maintenance and this is all stationary, solid equipment.

It was moved and seconded (Armstrong/Bucher) to allow Jeremy Eberly to continue in his Eagle Scout Project and give him the ok to start his fundraising and establish his fitness area in the park. Bucher added that we must have an agreement with the Rotary to move forward and that the borough zoning officer Ed Fisher be consulted on where the equipment actually goes. Unanimous approval.

Comments from Citizens:
Mayor’s Report:

  1. No report.

Managers’ Report:

  1. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/ Huber) to pass the Memorandum of Understanding between East Petersburg Borough and Miller Road East Pete Partners LP (Village Commons). Unanimous approval.

Public Works Superintendent’s Report was reviewed; Tom Huber asked if the pinhole leak in the pool liner is being fixed at no cost. Jeff Moseman said there is a 15 year warranty on it.
Zoning Officers Report was reviewed and there were no questions on his report. Council did state regarding Jeanette Drive and further properties, they do not want leniency. We must keep moving on these projects once they are started.
Committee Reports:

Fire Company Report. For the month of November ran a total of 37 incidents, 358 responding personnel, and 213.3 staff hours.

EMA: Working on an E.O.P. (Emergency Operations Plan)

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December 3, 2013

HARC: Gochnauer reported the By-laws have been changed, updated, approved. Constitution been totally redone, updated, approved. Will approve the operating budget later. As of January 1, FYI, Gochnauer will be the lone representative for East Pete to HARC. Going from two to one. Doesn’t have to be a council person can be a resident.

New Business:

  1. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Huber) to adopt 2014 Budgets & Ordinance No. 266, Tax Rates. Unanimous approval.

  2. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Wolf) to adopt Ordinance No. 267, Refinance Existing Loans. Unanimous approval.

  3. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Gochnauer) to adopt Fees Resolution – Resolution No. 673. Unanimous approval.

  4. It was moved and seconded (Wolf/McElwain) to approve Resolution No. 674, Appointing Alternate Member to the East Petersburg Borough Zoning Hearing Board, and Setting Forth Terms of Office. Unanimous approval.

  5. It was moved and seconded (Gochnauer/Bucher) to approve Resolution No. 675, Appointing Member to the East Petersburg Borough Vacancy Board. Unanimous approval.

  6. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Gochnauer) to approve 2014 Meeting Dates. Unanimous approval.

  7. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Wolf) to approve LASA Water Shut Off Agreement. Unanimous approval.

  8. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Huber) to approve HARC Cooperative Agreement. Unanimous approval.

  9. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/McElwain) to approve HARC 2014 Operating Budget. Unanimous approval.

  10. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Armstrong) to approve Lancaster County SPCA 2014 & 2015 Agreement. Unanimous approval.

  11. It was moved and seconded (Huber/Bucher) to award the bid of $6744.44 for the 2000 GMC Public Works truck. Unanimous approval.

  12. It was moved and seconded (Bucher/Armstrong) to accept the resignation letter from Robert Metzger as East Petersburg Tax Collector. Unanimous approval.

  13. It was moved and seconded (Huber/Wolf) to approve Resolution No. 676, Appointing Lancaster County Treasurer as Tax Collector. Unanimous approval.

  14. It was moved and seconded (Gochnauer/McElwain) to approve the East Petersburg Day Committee to have a “Santa in the Park” day next December 2014. Motion carried with six yeas and one nay.


Borough office closed for Holiday;

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday January 1, 2014

** Borough Council Meeting Monday January 6, 2014

Mayor Geoghan read a proclamation Regarding Mr. Tom Huber on the service to the community through his 14 consecutive years on the borough council. Mayor Geoghan proclaimed December 3, 2013 as a day of recognition in honor of N. Thomas Huber and his service to the borough.

Meeting Adjourned 8:08 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ginger Groff, Recording Secretary

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