Minutes of special commission meeting held january 09, 2017 beginning at 1: 30 A. M. In commission chambers, in duchesne, utah

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Commission Chairman Ronald Winterton; Commissioner Greg Todd, Commissioner Ken Burdick, Deputy County Attorney Tyler Allred, Oil & Gas Liaison CoraLee Sanchez, Tracy Adams Independent Landman Acting On Behalf of Transcontinent Oil Company as Agent for EP Energy E&P Company, L.P., and Commission Assistant BobbiJo Casper taking minutes of the meeting.

Public Hearing – Consideration Of A Request To Obtain Leases For Oil & Gas Extraction On Certain Properties Owned By Duchesne County As Follows:
Township 2 South, Range 3 West, USM

Section 33: A parcel of land in fee for the purpose of constructing the Arcadia Road relocation, known as Project No. 1544, being part of the entire tract of property situated in SE¼SE¼ of Section 33, T.2.S, R.3.W, USM. The boundaries of said parcel of land are described as follows:

Beginning at the northeast corner of said entire tract, which point is the northeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter; and running thence S. 0°34’40” E. 268.20 feet along the Section Line and easterly boundary line of said entire tract; thence S. 36° 34’31” W. 86.29 feet to a point 145.00 feet perpendicularly distant southeasterly from the centerline of said Arcadia Road, opposite Engineers Station 128+50; thence S. 12° 25’41” W. 177.55 feet; thence S. 44°46’31” W. 464.89 feet to a point in the existing westerly right of way line of old Arcadia Road, which point is 240.00 feet perpendicularly distant southeasterly from the centerline of said Arcadia Road, opposite Engineers Station 122+35.11; thence Southwesterly 873.77 feet along the arc of a 918.51-foot radius curve to the left, (chord to said curve bears S 54°05’44” W. for a distance of 841.19 feet), along said existing right of way line to the Township Line and southerly boundary line of said entire tract; thence S. 89°14’42” W. 101.04 feet along said Township Line to a point 125.55 feet perpendicularly distant northwesterly from the centerline of said Arcadia Road, opposite Engineers Station 113+70.62; thence N. 1°45”23” E. 92.90 feet; thence N. 26°51’55” E. 284.02 feet; thence N. 69°31’47” E. 68.70 feet; thence N. 43°17’08” E. 616.73 feet; thence N. 66°34’37” E. 107.70 feet; thence N. 41°43’21” E. 150.21 feet; thence N. 17°18’04” E. 112.71 feet; thence N. 35°18’47” E. 152.07 feet; thence N. 53°35’10” E. 215.73 feet to the 40 Acre Line and northerly boundary line of said entire tract; thence N. 88°53’12” E. 84.54 feet along said 40 Acre Line to the point of beginning.

(Containing 9.606 acres, more or less)

Chairman Winterton stated that they received three bids as follows:

  • The Madison Corporation - $2,312.00 per net mineral acre showing Duchesne County owning 3.20 net mineral acres on the subject lands for a total of $7,398.40 bonus pay, 3/16ths (18.75%) Royalty, 3 year term

  • Axia Energy C/O Greenshell Energy Corp. - $820.00 per net mineral acres, 3 years, 3/6ths royalty, 3.2 net mineral acres owned for a total of $2,624.00

  • Transcontinent Oil - $510.00 per net mineral acre x 6.404 net mineral acres total bonus of $3,266.04, 3/16ths, 3 year primary term

Chairman Winterton stated that it appears that there is a discrepancy in exactly how much the county owns. Mrs. Adams stated that her boss did the research on this and she was told that the county owns 6.4 net mineral acres. Liaison Sanchez stated that the deed only states that it’s 9.606 acres.

Entered back into Special Commission Meeting at 1:49 P.M…
Commissioner Burdick motioned to accept the bid from The Madison Corp. in the amount of $2,312 per net mineral acre for a total of $7,398.40 bonus. Commissioner Todd seconded the motion. All commissioners voted aye and the motion passed.

Chairman Winterton adjourned the meeting at 1:35 P.M.
Read and approved this 23rd day of January 2017.



Ronald Winterton

JoAnn Evans

Commission Chairman


Minutes of meeting prepared by BobbiJo Casper____________________________________

Special Commission Meeting Held January 09, 2017

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