Annual Report 2013 Casper Police Department

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Annual Report


Casper Police Department

Table of Contents

A Message from the Chief 3

Casper Police Department Mission Statement 4

Casper Police Department 2013 Awards 5

Organizational Chart 6

Operations 7

Patrol 7

Team 1 10

Team 2 10

Team 3 11

Team 4 11

Investigations 12

UCR Report 16

2013 Crime Maps 20

Property and Evidence 26

Victim Services 27

Youth Diversion 29

Vehicular Crimes Unit 30

Type chapter title (level 1) 31

Crash Investigation Team 32

Special Response Team 1

Bomb Squad 33

Field Evidence Technician Program 33

Dignitary Protection Program 34

Negotiations 35

Central Wyoming Crisis Intervention Team 36

Metro Animal Control & Welfare 37

Crime Prevention 40

Fleet/ Special Events 46

Traffic Enforcement Unit 47

Community Service Officers 48

Parking Enforcement 48

Intelligence Team 49

Police Training Officer Program 49

Records 51

School Resource Officer 52

Public Safety Communications Center 53

Career Services 56

Drug Court 57

K9 Program 58

Youth Community Involvement 59

Defensive Tactics/ Use of Force Training 60

Problem Oriented Response Team (P.O.R.T) 61

Community Involvement 62

A Message from the Chief

The Casper Police Department includes three divisions Police, Metro Animal Control, and Public Safety Communications. Each of the divisions has been implementing large-scale advancements. We get better or we get worse. Nothing stays the same. Getting better is very meticulous work.

This year the car per officer program was fully implemented. This was an enormous undertaking that was well worth the effort. The new cars are more fuel-efficient, they are all wheel drive so we are not limited by snow and ice and officer presence has increased. The new fleet has saved us 20% in fuel and maintenance compared to last year. Staffing has been maintained at or above our authorized strength throughout the year. Retention of trained officers is a priority to provide quality police services. The traffic enforcement unit has focused in areas of historically high collisions and dedicated time to work on neighborhood issues. The number of vehicle fatalities and injury accidents has significantly dropped from last year. Injury accidents are down 22%, traffic fatalities are down 60%, and DUI related accidents are down 29%. Dedicated traffic enforcement is certainly one of the contributing factors in the reductions.

Homicides, burglaries, vehicle theft, and arson are all down compared to last year. The positive trends are excellent. However, drug and alcohol issues continue to be a challenge we face. Arrests for controlled substances and juvenile alcohol use are on the rise. Alcohol and drug impairment remains a significant driving force for crime in Casper. It is unacceptable to see this issue trending up and we will continue a strict zero tolerance approach to these crimes. Succumbing to addiction is surrendering yourself to personal slavery.

Metro Animal Control (MAC) has significantly enhanced internal training. Officers and Kennel Techs now complete a structured initial training program similar to what the police department goes through. Core Competencies have been established and shelter standards and policies have been established and modernized. Several ordinance changes have been enacted or are in the approval phases at the City Council.

Public Safety Communications (PSCC) is the initial point of contact for every emergency service in Natrona County. A new state of the art phone system was installed this year to replace an aged system. We now have a fully operational secondary dispatch location to use in the event of system failures in the main center. Most exciting, is the current construction of a new dispatch facility. The new facility is being constructed to provide the necessary space and working conditions the dispatch personnel deserve and need to provide high levels of service.

Casper Police Department Mission Statement

All members of the Casper Police Department are committed to providing professional and progressive police services to enhance the quality of life in our community. In order to accomplish this mission, we strive to exhibit the following values:

Casper Police Department 2013 Awards

Organizational Chart


The operations division of the Casper Police Department is the “face” of the organization that most people see. Our officers respond to calls from citizens and investigate crimes that have already occurred as well as engage in proactive enforcement activities through self-initiated work and involvement with the community. Approximately 80 sworn officers from the ranks of Patrolman to Captain serve in the operations division working around the clock in the Patrol, Traffic, Investigations, and the Problem Oriented Response Team sections to provide a safe community of which we can all be proud.

Captain Mark Trimble

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