Lfp elementary Stage Call to Order: 9: 32 am Marley Banker Quorum

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Lake Forest Park Elementary

PTA Board of Directors Meeting

October 14, 2015

Location: LFP Elementary Stage

Call to Order: 9:32 am Marley Banker

Quorum: Yes, sign-in sheet attached

Approval of Minutes from September meeting: Yes

New Business: Marley Banker

  • Standards of Affiliation: all elected officers are required to do a formal training each year.

  • 2015-16 Goals assessment plan: Need the goal leads to get-together and figure out the plan for reaching these goals.

  • For Nov. General Membership meeting, we elect a nominating committee for finding people for filling the elected positions for next school year. Five people total, 3 active members, 2 are alternates.

  • Nov. Meeting will have a speaker – a family therapist to talk to us about how to prevent biased messages at the home. He is funny and lively, free childcare. Let’s use word-of-mouth to fill the room.

  • Pod Liaison Initiative: Hoping to have consistency with parent helpers. Teachers can use them, PTA can use them. “Pod” is another room for “room parent.” There are three classrooms who still need one. Library, PE, music, resource room is also being included. Music has a band and needs help coordinating events. PE needs help coordinating events such as field day.

  • See LFP PTA Pod Liaison Job Description

  • Suggestion to connect Art Docents with Pod Liaison

  • Reflections program is lacking in participation at LFP Sanju Chettiar had a discussion about adding reflections to a classroom project.

Treasurer Report: Michelle Fogarty

  • See Report

  • Back to School BBQ expenses coming in

  • Mondays and Thursdays she will pick up money from office. Don’t want cash sitting on site, so let her know if she should come in and get it on a different day.

Principal’s Report: Aimee Miner

See Emailed Report attached at end of minutes for further details.

  • Dow Constantine is visiting, King County Executive

  • Two school board members came yesterday to visit classrooms, PTA officers

  • Doing emergency drills this month, Lock-down drill today with kids, staff, police. Police will do a write-up and will review for future drills. Tomorrow is earthquake drill.

  • Principal Coffee Oct. 22 9:30, modular. Future of Shoreline is the topic.

  • Author visit, Monday Oct. 19.

  • Watch DOGs calendar is filling up.

  • Ali Airhart is the principal intern and kindergarten teacher.

  • Play and Learn, Thursdays 9:15-10:45, Free.

  • Smarter Balanced Results were mailed home recently. Call the office if you have questions about the scores. Scores look low in sixth grade because the opt-outs count as zero scores. Before the opt-outs, scores were in the 80%.

Unfinished Business: Silje Sodal

  • Legislative Assembly Oct. 24. Olympia. 6 spots, 3 are available. Silje, Marley, and Dan are going.

  • Standards of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Forms, Board members need to sign and return.

Committee Reports:

See attached sheet of emailed reports.

Dow Constantine: Best Starts for Kids – Initiative on the ballot. Positive Brain Development from early childhood “Mommy Talk”, resources to help growing kids. Specific kids are then tracked as they grow up. Mental Health screenings. This is a levy he hopes we will support, about a dollar a week.

Newsletter: Please get submissions in by Wednesday of the week they’re due (an updated newsletter schedule will be created and distributed).

Ways and Means: $3,030 so far with the fall “Hall Pass” fundraising drive. Discussions about the wordage of the form. Some confusion over the title, “Hall Pass” by some parents. Kathryn Barnard (family advocate) recommended that for future donation campaigns the form not have humor that can be confusing to some families. Recommended to discuss wording with ELL teacher to reduce confusion over sarcasm.

Holiday Bazaar: all booths are sold. 9 student booths. 3 proposed flyers. Can provide feedback. Needs: coffee cart donation—who can make coffees and donate to PTA, photo booth donations, garland donations. Donation box in PTA office.

Natural Leaders: Had first meeting last Monday, at least 5 new members, next meeting is Oct. 26. Starting to plan the Heritage Festival. Natural Leaders doing a 23 week training to become trainers for other Natural Leaders.

Student Enrichment: starts next week. Added second section of coding.

Health and Family: 91 kids from LFP came to the Back to School event. Collecting socks for October. DeB attended Holiday Basket training. Our school will be collecting cooking oil. Goal is 500 bottles of cooking oil. Promoting teen gifts as gift cards. Shoreline Fire Dept. takes care of getting gifts for the younger kids. Food drive starts Nov. 30. Dec. 11 items get transferred to Kellogg. Need Junior High/High school kids to set up Friday night. Dec. 12 is the big day. Kids can donate time until 11 a.m. that day.

Auction: Need people to make large items for the auction.

Reflections: Reception Location Nov. 3 7:00 pm. LFP Third Place Commons. Combining with Brookside.

Meeting adjourned: 10:55 a.m.

October 13 Skate Party (K-3) 6-8 p.m.

October 21 Save at School
October 22 Picture re-takes 8:45-11:15

October 22 Skate Party (4-6) 6-8 p.m.

October 23 Reflections Due
October 24 Legislative Assembly
October 26 NO SCHOOL

November 3rd Reflections Reception

November 4 Save at School
November 11 NO SCHOOL
November 12 PTA GM/BOD Mtng.
7-8:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes Submitted by: Ingrid Rigsby, PTA Secretary

Reports Emailed Prior to Meeting:

Staff Appreciation: Erin Wilson

We are gearing up for our first staff appreciation luncheon this Thursday (October 15th), during conferences.  It is meant to be a build-your-own burrito-bar lunch with the food provided by sixth grade families.  So far, 7 very generous families of the 79 sixth grade families have signed up to help bring many of the things on the list, but there are still many open holes in the menu and we are getting concerned.  We certainly do not want to cancel this meal, as we know the meals during conferences are some of the most appreciated by our staff, but it may be something we have to consider if the sign-up list doesn't fill up a bit more, since our team can only cook so much to fill the gaps.

If you have a sixth-grader, or know someone who does who you might be able to help us remind, or if you just really like to cook and might be able to help no matter your child's age, please head to perfectpotluck.com, name: appreciation, password: meal.  Thank you!
In other news, we delivered a small treat to staff mailboxes on curriculum night (a granola bar for extra energy with a wish for a great night) and we will soon be planning another mailbox treat to be delivered near Halloween.  We are also working on selecting dates and menus for the rest of this year's staff appreciation meals.
We hope soon to update the binder of staff members' favorite things surveys and welcome ideas for how we might be able to make the information collected more easily accessible to all families.  (It is currently all housed in a binder in the PTA office, which is available for anyone who comes to school to look at, but perhaps we could do more?)
Perhaps most excitingly, we may be gaining a third team member!  Carol Stein has expressed interest in helping us out this year and we are working out the details on that.  Thanks Carol!
Dolphin Gear: Becky Hamilton
We were excited to have an impressive amount of Dolphin Gear t-shirt orders this fall (125+ orders).  The order has been submitted to a new (to LFP)  print shop, Armageddon Graphics.   New this year, the women's shirt is a true women's cut with capped sleeve and slimmer fit.  We ordered a few extra women's shirts in larger sizes to compensate for the slimmer fit. We will have a few extras if you didn't get your order form in.  We anticipate that shirts will be distributed by October 27 and possibly sooner.
Principal Report: Aimee Miner

Thank you for ALL that you do daily for our staff, students, and families. We have the best PTA in the district and I am appreciative of all of your efforts.

Visitors to LFP: Tuesday, 10/13 School Board members - David Wilson and Dick Potter - visiting our school to see teaching and learning in action. King County Executive Dow Constantine here Wed. as part of tour of all school districts in King County. I hope to bring him by our fabulous PTA meeting. ( I will miss part of PTA meeting due to this tour).

Principal Coffee: Thursday, 10/22 9:30 in Modular - guest: Brian Schultz, Assistant Supt. will talk about the future of Shoreline.

Parent Teacher Conferences this week: We love having the opportunity to learn more about your children. Thank you for helping provide childcare in the library. 

Author Visit: Jennifer Holm - big name author coming next Monday, Oct. 19th to LFP thanks to Third Place Books.

Principal Intern: Kindergarten teacher, Ali Airhart, is doing her principal intern at LFP and will be spending some days learning principal duties.

WatchDOGs: Great launch last week and we have about three WatchDOGs a week signed up for the year. We really appreciate all of the great male role models.

Play and Learn: Started successfully last week with Susie Moore. All caregivers with infant - five year olds are invited to attend 9:15-10:45 on Thursdays in Loft.

Musical Showcases: All showcases at 10:00 and 7:00

Jan. 13th Martin Luther King Jr. - 3rd and 4th grades

March 30th - Sixth grade

May 3rd - Second grade

May 25th - Fifth grade

Kindergarten and first grade in June - Date TBD

Newsletter: Shannon Hertling

I’m excited to be a part of the LFP PTA Newsletter team!  Thank you to Taryn for working with me to get the details ironed out as I adjust!  As you guessed, it’s time to send in your submissions!  We are seeking news items for the November-December newsletter that will be distributed around November 6.  Please get your articles/information to me by noon on Friday, October 16.  Be sure to write “NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION” in the subject line, or just reply to this email.  For help, here is last year’s November-December newsletter.  http://lfppta.org/Doc/Newsletters/LFP_PTA_Nov_Dec2014_Newsweb.pdf Thank you for your patience as I get used to the process!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call.  I’m fastest with texts.  :) Shannon Hertling Newsletter Editor 206.495.7104

Ways and Means: Suzie Creech and Jennifer Cross

As of today the Hall Pass fundraiser has raised $2540.  33 families have made donations towards our goal of $5500.  Not bad for the first two weeks.  I will have an updated number on Wednesday at the meeting.  

Reminder that this Thursday the 16th is dine out night at Jersey's.  Enjoy a night off from cooking and help raise money for the PTA!  I will send a blurb to the blast and a reminder email to Thea!

Auction Meetings are going well.  Lots of progress is being made. At this point we are meeting every other week. Planning for the Holiday Bazaar is going full speed ahead.  We have almost all the booths full with inquiries still coming in almost daily.  We had our first planning meeting and brainstormed a bunch of great ideas.  We have 3 proposed flyer designs which I will bring to the meeting for opinions.  

Student Enrichment: Allison Connell

Fall student enrichment classes are scheduled to start the week of Oct. 19; we plan to send registration confirmation emails out this week. Volunteers need to get their background check forms turned in.

-We had about 160 kids register for after school classes. The response was so good that unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate all the kids that signed up for several classes, including piano, chess and coding.  Ceramics 1-3 is also over-enrollment, but the 1-2 class has some space so I believe Alicia is working on balancing the roster in order to accommodate some of the overflow.
-We were able to add a 2nd coding class on Wednesdays, but we were still over enrollment by 10; we'll be offering the class again in the winter so those students that were unable to get in this session will have priority enrollment for winter. 
-The piano class was over by 11, so we also had to do a lottery for that class. We'll look into adding a 2nd class in the winter and will extend priority enrollment to those students that we could not accommodate this session.
-We were able to bump the chess enrollment up a little by adding a 2nd volunteer, but we were still unable to accommodate all the kids that signed up for that class. Unlike past years, chess registration will be by session instead of by year, so kids that didn't get in this fall can try again in the winter .
-We had a good response for volunteers, especially for the coding and piano classes, where we received more volunteers than volunteer spots available. As much as we hate to turn away volunteers, the enrollment limitations made this necessary. We hope the volunteers will try again in the winter!
- We had a lot of scholarship requests; we tried to honor as many as possible but were not able to accommodate them all. We expect it is in part to the high cost of classes this fall. We have no volunteer-led classes this session so all classes are offered by 3rd party vendors, which tend to be expensive. if you or someone you know is interested in volunteer teaching an after school class in winter or spring, have them contact student enrichment! We are in the process of putting together a winter line up; hoping to find volunteers to teach knitting and Lego robotics.
Student Enrichment Co-Chairs

Laura, Sanju & Allison 

Movie Night: Heidi Durall

Our first Movie Night of the school year is coming up on Friday, November 13th. We will be showing Inside Out at 7:00pm in the gym/cafeteria. Doors will open at 6:30pm and popcorn will be offered free of charge. I have asked the chair for 6th grade camp fundraising if we want to sell candy and/or trinkets to raise funds for camp. If we do so it would be great to have some 5th graders helping out so they feel a part of it.

Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Fogerty

Attached is the monthly Treasurer's Report for September 2015 (Patrick can you please load this to the website?) and the budget for your reference.

We renewed the movie night license at a discount under an umbrella program through the WSPTA for $355 versus $420 from last year. We received a $984 rebate from the SchoolKidz kits program, and a donation of $350 to offset some of the Back to School BBQ. $58 of the expenses for handing out PTA water bottles has been allocation to the supplies line item as well.
A reminder that I am in to pick up deposits and bills/reimbursements to be paid on Mondays and Thursdays but can make special arrangements as needed, particularly if cash is received and needs to be deposited at the bank.
Also, as more activities kick off, if you have a need for change for a cash box for your event please let me know as soon as possible so that we can make a plan to go to the bank.

Art Docent: Tami Thompson and Kathleen Berry

Team Docent is off to an amazing start – all lessons that have taken place have received raves from docents, teachers and the best part ... the artists! Everyone has learned about the element of color and how it affects mood. Kindergarten and First graders studied colorful feelings with Dr. Seuss. Second through sixth grade learned about artist Mark Rothko and his use of “color field” to create giant, abstract colorfully emotional pieces. Fourth through sixth grade also got to compare and contrast Rothko’s work to artist Wolf Kahn who used abstract color fields as a background and layered realistic trees over the top. Beautiful!We have a great team (once again) with veteran docents and lots of new art lovers delivering great lessons to their classes.  Looking forward to another year of amazing art at LFP!

Important Art Dates:

October 17 – Junior League of Seattle gallery training- Tami and Merrilyn Tucker are signed up. There are still spots open.

October 24- Washington Arts Education Association Fall Conference- Tami is going.

November 12: Shoreline Arts Council Artists in Schools grant applications due- anyone can apply!

November/December art lesson: Weaving

Membership: Casie Tubbs

Our PTA Plant is growing beautifully! I will be adding 50+ more leaves tomorrow. 

In the first month of school... We are currently at 295 PTA members. Whoo Hoo!! 26 of those are LFP staff members. 

(We still have 14 gifted memberships to give to LFP families in need) 

I'm currently working on updating and adding all members into the WA State PTA website, so look for you Membership Ecard via email this upcoming week. (A HUGE thank you to SILJE for helping to figure out how to import all last years members. The state is using a new system this year, we had a small hiccup, but she saved me hours of data entry!) 

Swim Party: We will have the Membership "Thank you" Swim Party either Jan 9th/10th. (Tentatively Sched Sat Jan. 9th 4-6pm) Will finalize date soon.

Thanks to all of you whom have become members!! We truly do have an amazing & supportive PTA!! 

Health and Family Services: DeBorah Dahn-Fogg

Health Screening Day went relatively smoothly, considering there were a couple intrusions.  But our volunteers were fantastic!  And we sailed through the day, and were able to screen all the classes!
We had our District meeting for the Holiday Baskets.  LFP lucked out of flour, only to get cooking oil!  C'est la vie!  Our goal is to collect 500 cooking oils during the food drive that will run from November 30th through December 11th, to be disbursed in the huge District-wide event on December 12th.  The food drive will also be collecting for other "most-wanted" items like last year; as well as the Teen Gift drive, that will be focusing on gift cards this year.  We got the final numbers for the Back To School event (1099 students registered)--so if that is any indication, we know the Baskets will be another awe-inspiring  day!  I met briefly, today, with one of my favorite people from Brookside, who is part of their Holiday Baskets committee, so that we can see what we could do to help each other out. 
Socktober has officially kicked off!  We have a few young ladies who are scheduled to perform a skit for this during lunch, most likely tomorrow (Tuesday), if all goes well.
And finally, as you all know MOD pizza is coming to Lake Forest Park.  They will be celebrating their Grand Opening, and on October 23rd, 100% of all pizza sales from opening day will be donated to the WORKS!!!!!!!  (doors open at noon)  Friday night pizza sounds good to me!

Legislative: Daniel Barrett, Shannon McLeod

The Legislative co-chair attended on Tuesday October 6th the 2nd of 7 public meetings that are being held for public comment on State funding of basic education. The Washington State Senate Education committee had a preselected panel of 7 professionals in the education field. This is a listening tour only, the legislators gave the panel 7 questions related to funding basic education and levies. They was no discussion or debate, the legislators were there to listen to public opinion. They also held a 40-minute open comment session to the audience who were limited to 3-minutes to speak. As with anything you ask complicated questions to 7 people you will get 7 different answers. A couple of reoccurring points that came up among the speakers were:

·         There is a shortage of qualified educators and specialists in the state.

·         There is competition for qualified educators between districts, highly qualified educators are being lured to districts that offer higher wages.

·         What is the current definition of basic education?

·         Some of the speakers used to opportunity to bring up unrelated points that they felt were important for the legislators to hear.

I actually ended up with quite a few notes and if anyone would like more information I could put something together for the newsletter. Upcoming we have the WA State PTA Legislative Assembly and Training on October 24th.

Reflections: Julie Wolff

We have lots of exciting things happening with our Reflections program. We will combine our efforts for judging and the reception with Brookside Elementary school. Due to a conflict, we have changed the date of our reception. New date is November 3. New location is the Commons at Third Place Books. We are very excited to invite our community to support our student artists. Judges will be community members with experience in the arts. Families of students who submit to the competition from LFP, Brookside, and Kellogg will be invited to gather and see their art displayed in a public venue. Finalists will be recognized that evening. We hope to ask principals from Brookside and LFP to address us. 

If anyone is interested in helping with this collaboration, we would love to have you join us. 

Website: Patrick Kirby

Attached is the Audience Overview for our http://lfppta.org website, showing some brief analytics for the recent period of Sep 24 to Oct 13 compared to the same period last year. The first graph shows how much more traffic we had to our website during the recent period over last year’s period. This time the lower part of the overview shows the percentages that our website was visited by country. 

Our weekly Dolphin Blast is now being sent to 608 email addresses (including the distribution list for the entire LFP Elementary Staff). This is 6 more email addresses from the last web report sent on Sep 23. Our LFP PTA Facebook page is up to 143 likes, which is like 4 more than the last web report. The best post that reached 63 people with the most clicks and likes since the last report was the “Author Visit to LFP” on September 30.   Our @LFPPTA Twitter account has sent 12 more tweets since the last report. Our Top Tweet was also “Author Visit to LFP” on September 30, which earned 4 impressions. We still have 8 followers and we are following 6: the National PTA, Washington PTA, Shoreline Schools, Lake Forest Park Police Department, city of Lake Forest Park and Town Center at LFP.

I hope you have a great board meeting tomorrow morning which I will not be able to attend. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any web related questions for our PTA. I also appreciate any direct feedback to make these reports as relevant as possible.

Co-Presidents’ Report: Silje Sodal and Marley Banker

With the busy months of August and September now over, it is exciting to begin fall with a focus on the actual 'work' of the year - our goals, membership and school community.  We will begin developing work plans for each of our PTA goals in coordination with the Board leads, attend Legislative Assembly, plan interesting speakers for our meetings, shepherd upcoming activities,events and initiatives (e.g. Pod Liaisons), and continue working with the school and district administration to fully support our students, families and staff.  

In the last month, your PTA dollars were at work in presenting the anti-bullying assembly on September 25th and in offering additional science learning to 5th graders with a field trip to test water quality in the stream at Heron Park with science educator Julie Luthy. Your PTA dollars, through the collection of box tops, were also at work in helping to provide 19 additional picture packages to our students in need.  
Thanks to all of you who gave so much of your time and energy this past month, including Heidi Bleeker who organized Picture Day volunteersDeBorah Dahn-Fogg who staffed and recruited volunteers for Health Screening Day; our entire Board for attending Curriculum Night and particularly our Legislative and Ways & Means teams (Suzie, Jennifer, Lissy, Shannon & Dan) who spoke during the PTA presentation; Katie O'Dell, Priscilla Soto and Jennifer Cross for developing the Pod Liaison concept and working to integrate the initiative into our classrooms; and our fabulous Auction Committee under the direction of Lissy DesVoigne who have already begun to meet every other week to begin planning for the February 26th extravaganza.  A special thank you to Dan Barrett and Shannon Hertling who have both stepped up to volunteer for the Board in the Legislative Co-Chair and Newsletter Editor positions, respectively.      
Some highlights from the past month:  
- We attended an excellent Superintendent Coffee, where we touched upon many of the issues that were addressed in the September 28th School Board Meeting.  A comprehensive recap of that meeting is here - please take particular note of the graphs noting how well (extremely well!) Shoreline students (including our 4th, 5th and 6th graders) did on the SBAC:


Individual test scores have also just been sent home.  
At this same meeting we met the district's new Public Information Officer, Curtis Campbell, who outlined plans for several changes, including increasing followers on social media, expanding to Instagram and a video channel, and developing an app for student, staff and family use.  Please keep him in mind if you would like to bring attention to your program or event - he is all about highlighting the great things about our schools!    
- We have begun monthly coffees with the leadership at Brookside in order to build a stronger partnership, share best practices, and coordinate events.  This year's Reflections reception will be held with Brookside, and we are in discussion about co-hosting a speaker in the spring and hosting a 5k run to benefit the organization distributing emergency food packs to low-income students at LFP and Brookside.  
- Natural Leaders hosted their first meeting of the year to welcome new members, and we have been working with their leadership and Katherine Barnard to support their efforts.  With Natural Leaders now a committee of the LFP PTA, we are continuing to flesh out how to best work together and support mutual goals.   
- Silje continued to participate on the Negative Balance Committee, a district led coalition of family advocates, kitchen staff, principals and PTA to develop a district-wide policy on addressing negative meal balances at elementary, middle and high schools.  While it is ideal to have a consistent district-wide policy, we are extremely fortunate at LFP to have both school and PTA support that ensures NO child is refused a hot lunch - ever.  This is extremely rare and we can be very proud to have Principal Miner's leadership on this! 
- You are all  invited to attend PTA Council meetings on the last Monday of every month at 7pm at the Shoreline Center.  Council President Lisa Surowiec is open to suggestions for speakers and PTA trainings that you would like to see offered at these meetings.
We are grateful to work with such amazing and dedicated volunteers at LFP - thank you for all you do!
Silje & Marley  



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