Annual East Helena Food Drive

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Tiger Tales

December 20, 2012

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Annual East Helena Food Drive

East Helena Public Schools once again sponsored the annual food drive for needy community families. Students and staff were encouraged to bring nonperishable food items to school. The items were collected and compiled over the course of 14 days. All donated items were then transported from each of the three schools to the East Helena Food Pantry for distribution.

With the help of generous parents and families, students at Radley brought in 2091 food items!! The classroom with the largest number of food items per student won a pizza party. That classroom was Mrs.Dusenberry’s. They brought in 286 items, that’s 10.21 items per student. Followed very closely by Miss. Townsend’s class who brought in 243 items.

Thank you for supporting this community effort. As a district East Helena brought in 3248 items for food share.Teaching children the importance of helping others is the most vital lesson of all.

After School Program

The after school program is looking for some small Legos, K’nex and board games. If you have any of these items that you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate it.

The PTO Zone

Happy Holiday from your PTO!

We would like to express our gratitude to all the parents who volunteered for the teacher dinner. Teacher dinners would not be possible without your help.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who generously donated gifts for the PTO Gift Giving Tree. Over 87 gifts were donated to 32 different families in our community.

We also invite you to attend our monthly PTO meetings. Come join us at our next meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8th at the EVMS library. HOpe, HOpe, HOpe to see you there!

December/January Events

Dec. 21 1:30 Early Release
Dec. 21- Christmas Break

Jan. 1

Jan. 8 6:00 – PTO meeting at EVMS
Jan. 18 End of 2nd Quarter

Jan. 21 No School – MLK Day
Jan. 28 1:30 Early Release

Principal– Mr. McMahon Administrative Assistant– Mrs. Roach

Grade Two: Mrs. Arntson Mrs. Dachs Mrs. Ford Mrs. Hauer Miss. Briggeman Mrs. Warren Mrs. Hager
Grade Three: Mrs. Dartman Mrs. Bright Mrs. Logan Mrs. Jones Mrs. Scoles Mrs. Penner
Grade Four: Mrs. Chadwick Mrs. Rogstad Mrs. Clement Mrs. Dusenberry Mrs. Bender
Grade Five: Mrs. Siroky Mrs. Solomon Mrs. Haines Miss. Townsend Mrs. Mosher
PE– Mr. Ireland/ Ms. Hopewell Music– Mr. Pipinich/ Mrs. Mazanec Library– Mrs. Dexter

Counselor - Mrs. Odermann School Nurse—Mrs. Hutchinson Special EducationMrs. Teders

and Mrs. Lunday Title I - Mrs. Metzger Mrs. Torkildson Instructional Coach– Mrs. Gustin

Instructional Tutors–Mrs. Stonehouse Ms. Scott Mrs. Peterson

Indian Impact InstructorMrs. Barb Anez

ParaprofessionalsMrs. Anderson, Mrs. Gunderson, Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Dunlap,

Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Hoye, Mrs. Helfert, Mrs. Holmlund

Custodians: Mr. Hickmott Mr. Palmer

Lunch Staff: Deb Felton, Tammy Murphy, Diane Harrison, Sheila Covey, Debi Hauck, Aaron Strong

Safety Reminder

Please remember when picking up or dropping off your kids to be observant of our parking lot and cross walk for other children. Especially when the weather is icy, snowy, and rainy.

Those of you who are picking up or dropping off your children in front of the school please be careful and mindful of the buses.

There have been too many close calls and the safety of your children is just as important to us as it is to you!

Radley Elementary, in partnership with the parents and community of East Helena, will strive to ensure a safe, caring, learning environment that encourages each student’s academic, social, emotional and physical success.

Radley Mission Statement

Principal’s Perspective

This past Friday a tragedy beyond comprehension occurred miles away from East Helena at a school and in a community eerily similar to ours. What happened in Newtown Connecticut has been well reported and documented. When incidents such as this occur, it brings many questions and concerns to the surface for all of us.

At Radley we spent a good part of the day Monday listening to our students; listening as they shared their fears and concerns about the possibility that something similar could happen at Radley. We listened as they talked about the victims, their families as well as the students and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We tried to help them begin to make some sense of this tragedy, all along wondering what that might be ourselves. One cannot imagine anything worse for a community to endure.

They DID want to talk… quite a bit, actually. We listened and reassured them that our most important job each day at Radley is to keep them safe. We answered as many of the ‘what if’ questions as we could and reminded them of the many safety precautions and procedures that are in place here each day. Letting them talk was therapeutic and had a positive effect on their stress level. It was good for both the students and the staff.

Personally, I’m reminded that tomorrow is promised to no one. I need to be sure the people in my life never wonder how I feel about them. I squeezed both grandchildren a bit harder and hung on a bit longer this weekend. Take a minute…tell your own how much you care. Live for today. Have a peaceful holiday break. We’ll see you back safe and sound January 2.

Radley Elementary Staff - 2011-12

Tiger Tales Radley Elementary School

Download 41,57 Kb.

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