Level: Intermediate Aim: to raise their awareness of healthy and junk food. Be able to talk about food. Time

Exercise 1. Match the methods of cooking with their definitions

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Lesson plan
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Exercise 1. Match the methods of cooking with their definitions

Exercise 2. Match the foods with the items you would need to cook them, then write sentences as in the example. Remember there may be more than one way to cook certain food.

sausages, fish, bacon, potatoes, rice, carrots, broccoli, chicken, spaghetti.

e.g. I would grill sausages on the barbeque, or fry them in the frying pan.


Materials: Handout 3

Objective: Summarize the lesson.

Procedure: Students answer the Yes/No questions and discuss.

Handout 3. Quiz.

Answer the following yes no question concerning eating habits. Then, check your score to find out what kind of diet you have.

Do you eat at fast-food restaurant more than once a week?

Do you often eat fresh fruit?

Do you eat red meat more than twice a week?

Do you usually eat a large meal before you go to bed?

Do you eat salted snacks (crisps, nuts,…) at least once a day?

Do you have fresh vegetables with your meals less than three times a week?

Do you have fizzy beverages more than once a day?

Would you rather eat out instead of at home?

Do you always add salt to your food at the table?

Do you prefer butter to olive oil?


8-10; Yes- very unhealthy diet – be careful!

5-7; Yes- fairly healthy diet

3-4; Yes- quite healthy diet

1-2; Yes- very healthy diet

Homework .

Compare and contrast the fast food cafes and restaurants in your district or country.

Fast food café


quality of food




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