Lesson plan Theme: " Providing successful oral fluency and writing practice. " Level

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Lesson plan
Theme: " Providing successful oral fluency and writing practice. "

Level: upper-intermediate.

Aims of the lesson:

Academic aim: Students will practice reading and writing skills.

Developmental aim: Students’ oral fluency, grammar and problem-solving abilities and writing skill will be enhanced.

Social aim: To encourage team work, communicative skills, critical thinking in student study.
Time: 80 minutes

10 minutes – checking homework.
Activities procedure:

1.Don't say yes or no

Objective: Students practice the process of making spontaneous speech.

Outline: One student tries to avoid answering "yes" or "no" in answer to questions asked by the rest of the class.

Time: 10 minutes.

One student stands in front of the class and answers questions, but without using the words "yes" or "no". As soon as the student says "yes" or "no" and another student takes over. Any student who manages to survive for 2 minutes becomes a winner.

2.Talk for a minute

Outline: Students give short talks about topics that interest them.

Objective: To practice oral fluency and share peer feedback.

Time: 15 minutes.

Students are given one minute to choose the topic and think about what they will say.

About 4-5 students will give a speech. Then the class and the teacher give feedback on their speech.
3.Correcting mistakes

Objective: To encourage monitoring by students of their own mistakes.

Outline: Identifying and correcting mistakes.

Time: 10 minutes.

Teacher writes a few sentences on the board with deliberate mistakes. Students should correct them on the board one by one.

Sentences for correcting mistakes

1. She asked me where am I going.

2. I am living here since six years.

3. I would have came if you asked me.

4. The money was stole by a thief.

5. Where is the boy which you were looking at him.

6. He looked me after for much time.

7. She raised slowly the hand.

8. You need the courage to do such thing.
Corrected version

1. She asked me where I was going.

2. I have lived/have been living here since six years.

3. I would have came if you had asked me.

4. The money was stolen by a thief.

5. Where is the boy who/whom you were looking at.

6. He looked after me for much time.

7. She raised her hand slowly.

8. You need courage to do such a thing.

4.Making up stories

Objective: To enhance students' vocabulary and creativity.

Outline: Students make up a story using the given words.

Time:15 minutes.

Teacher divides the class into four groups and give them a box of words. Students should write a story including all words from the box. For motivation, teacher prepares reward in advance for the winner group.

5. Writing storms

Outline:The students write answers to some questions about the lesson.

Objective: To gather written feedback about the lesson form students, as well as to practice merely opinion-based writing.

Time: 10 minutes.

Teacher tells them that she will not mark any mistakes of language but will only be concerned with the ideas or experiences they describe.The students write for exactly 5 minutes and then take it in turns to read what they have written to each other.The teacher collects papers, and for the next lesson, prepare general comments and select texts written by students to read out.


The best thing in the lesson today

The worst thing in the lesson today

Something which is not fair

A generous act

What is in your head at the moment?

10 minutes: Summarizing the lesson and giving homework.

Homework: Writing about an interesting childhood experience and preparing a speech on it.
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