The sports competitions which … in 2 Sundays … by a lot of people

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Passive Voice

  1. The sports competitions which … in 2 Sundays … by a lot of people.

  1. are held/will be visited d) have been held/have visited

  2. was held/ will visit will held/will visit

  1. The Remembrance Day and the Veteran’s day … on the 11th of November every year.

  1. celebrated d) was celebrated

are celebrated e) is celebrated

  1. Sometimes a lot of guests .. to his birthday party.

  1. had invited d) are invited c)was invited e) is inviting

  1. I … about my father’s death before my mother returned.

  1. is told d) were told

  2. shall be told had been told

  1. Someone wrote this report last week. This report … last week.

  1. is written d) had been written

  2. was written

  3. has been written

  1. He’ll finish the job tomorrow. The job … tomorrow.

  1. is finished d) will finish

  2. would be finished e) was finished

  3. will be finished

  1. The cathedral … in 1888 by the famous architect.

  1. is designed d) have been designed

  2. was designed e) had been designed

  3. will have designed

  1. He …… since autumn.

  1. hasn’t seen b)saw c)has not seen been d) has not see e)didn’t see.

14.Don’t enter the classroom. A student … there

  1. is asked, b) are asked c) will be asked, d) is being asked e) was being asked

15.Students … by teachers at every lesson

a) are asked b) ask c) are being asked d) were asked e) asks

16.She …just … by the teacher

a) is asked b) asked c) asks d) had been asked e) has been asked

17.The tourists … met at the station by the guide 2 hours ago

a) were met b) was met c) met d) has met e) will met

18.The letter … by 10 o’clock yesterday

a) was sent b) send c) was being sent d) were sent e) sent

19.The work … in time tomorrow

a) finish b) will finish c) will be finish d) is finished e) will have finished

20.When I came in the letter …

a) is written b) wrote c) was written d) was being written e) had written

21.An interesting subject …by our students now

a) discuss b) is discussing c) are discussing d) is being discussed e) are

being discussed

22.By the beginning of May some trees … in our yard

a) will plant b) plant c) will have been planted d) are planted e) will have


23.The house … two years ago by them

a) built b) was built c) had built d) will built e) were built

24.Many guests … to my birthday next week

a) are invited b) will invite c) will be invited d) is invited e) have been


25.He … an interesting job last month

a) offered b) is offered c) was offered d) will be offered e) was being


26.The A.Temur museum … every year by many tourists

a) visit b) visited c) are visited d) is visited

27.Children … to play on the pavement

a) forbid b) is forbidden c) are forbidden d) were forbidden

28.The patient … tomorrow

a) is operated b) will operated c) will be operated

29.The work … tomorrow

  1. a) must finish b) must be finish c) must be finished d) is finished

30.The books … to the library in time

a) must return b) must be returned c) must returned

31.Bread … every day

a) eats b) ate c) are eaten d) is eaten

32.The letter … yesterday

a) receive b) received c) was received d) are received

33.Mick … to Moscow next week

a) sends b) will be sent c) sent

34.Many games … at our PT lessons

a) play b) played c) plays d) are played

35.Hockey … in winter

a) is played b) is playing c) play d) plays e) played

36.Moscow … by Dolgorukiy

  1. found b) founded c) is founded d) was founded 37.My question … when you came

a) is answered b) was answered c) was being answered

38.Your luggage … by the porter.

a) will bring b) bring c) will be brought d) will be bring

39. At the station the delegation … yesterday

a) is met b) was met c) will meet d) was met

40.The student … by his classmates when he wears a hat

a) laugh at b) laughs at c) is laughing d) is laughed at

41.The stolen money … yet

  1. has not found b) has not been found c) not found d) was not found

42.Interesting stories … by our mother every Sunday

  1. tell b) tells c) is toll d) are toll

43.The text … when you came

a) had translated b) translated c) had been translated d) was translated

44.The book … in any library

a) can find b) can be found c) is find d) can found 45.She … to hospital

a) must sent b) must be sent c) must be sent d) must sent

46.Even the tallest trees … by monkeys

a) can climb b) can be climbed c) can be climb d) can be climbs

47.The box … to the station

  1. must take b) must took c) must be taken d) must be took

48.The car … recently

a) is bought b) was bought c) has bought d) has been bought

49.The story … when you phoned

a) is read b) was read c) read d) was being read e) was being read

50.The light … when it is dark

  1. is turning on b) turns on c) is turned on d) turned

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