Leisure and community policy panel – 21 march 2005 part I – not delegated leisure and community grant applications

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1. Summary

1.1 The Policy Panel is asked to consider the additional information provided by the applicants.
2. Background

    1. At the meeting of the Leisure and Community Policy Panel held on the 22 February 2005 two applications were deferred for further information. The responses from the applicants are as follows.

3. Rickmansworth Society.

The Society was asked why the organisation was maintaining its current level of cash balances and when and how the cash balances would be used?
The Treasurer of the Society phoned to seek clarification as to why was this information being requested. Subsequently the Treasurer wrote withdrawing their application for funding at this time.

  1. Watford Asian Community Care

Were also written to and asked to provide the following information by the 10 March:-

  • A full detailed set of accounts/budget for the current year.

  • Full details of the Three Rivers residents that use the Dosti Club each week.

  • Full details of the income and expenditure for the Dosti Club.

  • Why is the organisation maintaining its current level of cash balances?

  • When (and how) will the cash balances be used?

At the time of writing this report no information had been received. Officers will endeavour to gain a response from the organisation and will provide an up date at the meeting.

Attached at Appendix A are the details or the original application.
5. Policy, Budget, Legal, Staffing, Environmental, Community Safety, Customer Services Centre, Web-site, Equal Opportunities and Risk Management Implications
5.1 None specific.
6. Recommendation

    1. That the Panel notes the information provided. And if appropriate, recommends accordingly to the Executive Committee.

Background Papers
Leisure Grants File LRG/LG 2004/5
Report prepared by: John Wellham, Grants & Contract Monitoring Officer.


Community Organisations - 2004/05 Budget

Revenue Grant Priority One Application


Watford Asian Community Care














inc. Grant

The Dosti Friendship Club meets each week in the Parish Hall South Oxhey. The Objectives of the club are to improve the conditions of life for those in need, particularly those of Asian descent.
The members pay an annual subscription of £3.00 and £1.50 each time they visit. The Club is open to carers and the cared for, over the age of 50. The Club also acts as a focus so as to encourage those within the Asian community to volunteer.
The programme of activities and events include “Improving your diet”, general heath care, promoting exercise and physical activity. They also provide support for the families of those with mental illness with information on benefits etc.
The organisers are seeking financial help with the employment of an exercise instructor to work for 46 weeks at the South Oxhey project.

The other half of the grant would help meet some of the costs involved in hiring the Parish Hall and providing the services of a dietician and other visitors.

The Club is very successful and regularly attracts 40+ visitors a week. They are firmly based in the South Oxhey Parish Hall. However if they found an alternative larger venue within this community they would relocate so that they could expand their activities.
The total package of care and support offered by this organisation is a very valued support mechanism and it effects reach far outside the confines of a club that meets once a week.

Previous Grants



Revenue Grant


District Themes.

Support of this application is in keeping with the Strategic Plan, under Safer, Sustainable and Healthy Communities.

The Panel is recommended to award a grant of £2,000 to assist with the costs associated the Dosti Friendship Club (South Oxhey), subject to the following conditions:-

That the Dosti Friendship Club (South Oxhey) continues within that community and that the Better Health Care Programme continues. And that agreement is reached as to the type and style of the acknowledgement for this contribution to the project.


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