JM, jb, ab, fa, jo’B, do’b apologies: ct, jc, jc discussion

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Dr’s P and H Valluri

Rishton and Great Harwood Surgery
Patients Participation Group Minutes
Wednesday 18th March 2015


Present: JM, JB, AB, FA, JO’B, DO’B

Apologies: CT, JC, JC


Patients to complete family and friends questionnaire after being consulted by doctor, gives feedback as to what are patients views on the service received, are they happy, would they recommend other people and do they think they have been involved in the decision made during there consultation, if not action plan can be put in place if many agreed upon.

GP has to complete over 75 care plan, so all patients age 75 and over needs to be consulted by GP for health check and memory screening test and agreed a plan. So all elderly patients will be given information as to how they can get in contact with GP if they are feeling unwell during weekends, bank holidays or if paramedic attends all information of named GP and patient’s details are present.
GP and patient has to agree unplanned admission care plan, regular hospital attenders are being reviewed by GP to agree a plan and advised to contact GP as first point of contact.
GP has brought into place a new protocol whereby the practice will get in touch with all house bound patients before weekend if they have not been in contact during the week to check everything is ok.
Patients are happy with appointments offered, say its easy access and usually get appointment straight away when needed either in Rishton or Great Harwood.
Informed patients when booking appointment they should receive a text message confirming their appointment date and time and they can simply cancel appointment if you do not require appointment by texting cancel and automatically it should cancel.

Any other points/ Problems/ Business
Text message regarding appointment confirmation and reminder message not working, patient booking appointment but not receiving message on phone - which will be looked into.
Patient access online can go on to the access website and place order for prescriptions and can book, cancel or change appointment online.
Patients are happy with the surgery hours that GP offers in both Rishton and Great Harwood.

Date of next meeting – 3rd August 2015

Download 15,05 Kb.

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