1 We play football today because it is raining. A couldn’t b can’t c aren’t d didn’t

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1)We _____ play football today because it is raining.

A) couldn’t B) can’t C) aren’t D) didn’t

2) If you ___ wisely you ___ cheerfully.

A) command / will be obeyed B) commanded / would have been obeyed

C) had commanded / would be obeyed D) command / will obey

E) will command / are obeyed

3)She didn’t know if the letter ___ by the time she ___

A) would be delivered / will come B) would deliver / comes

C) will be delivered / came D) would have been delivered / came

E) was delivered / came

4) They ___ for the examination better if they ___ about it earlier.

A) would prepare / knew B) prepare / know

C) prepared / knew D) would have prepared / had known

E) will prepare / knowi

7). I ___ my homework by 6 o’clock yesterday and when my mother

came home I ___ supper.

A) did / have B) have done / had

C) had done / was having D) was doing / had

8) It’s ___ to go by car than by train.

A) cheap B) cheaper C) -

D) cheapest E) the cheapest

9) False friend is ___ than open enemies.

A) worst B) worse C) the worst D) - E) bad

10) -___ you ___ the man for many years?

-Yes, we ___ at Cambridge together.

A) have / known / were B) do / know / is

C) were / known / were D) have / known / was

E) did / know / was

11)There was _____ rain during the night.

A) an B) some C) any D) a

12) He _____ some new shoes last month.

A) bought B) buying C) buy D) buys

13)A: _____ you usually work for 8 hours a day?

B: Yes, I _____ . But last week I _____ for 8 hours a day.

A) Do / did/ didn’t work B) Do / do / didn’t worked

C) Do / do / don’t work D) Do / did / didn’t work

14) He said that he ___ school and he ___ to enter the academy.

A) finished / was going B) has finished / is going

C) had finished / was going D) finishes / are going

E) finish / was going

15) If you ___ your swimming suit you would be able to go for a swim now.

A) don’t leave B) weren’t leaving

C) will not leave D) haven’t left

E) hadn’t left

16) No matter how she ___ try the door ___ open.

A) can / should B) could / must C) should / will

D) might / wouldn’t E) must / ought to

17)A: Is there _____ juice in the fridge?

B: No, there isn’t _____ juice, but there is _____ lemonade.

A) some / some / any B) any / any / some

C) some / any / any D) any / any / any

18)After Mary ___ the room, she ___ the floor.

A) tidied up / washes B) tidies up / has washed

C) has tidied up / washed D) had tidied up / washed

E) is tidying up / washes

19)Last Monday when I ___ the house it ___ heavily.

A) leave / rain B) left / was raining

C) left / had rained D) was leaving / rained

E) leave / rains

20) Mark Twain ___ easily ___ across the Mississippi River.

A) must / swim B) had to / swam C) may / swim

D) would / to swim E) could / swim

21) If you ___ Oxford you ___ some interesting old buildings.

A) will visit / will see B) visit / see

C) visited / will see D) visits / see

E) visit / will see

22)Life in New York is very _____ .

A) excited B) exciting C) exciter D) excitely

23)My friend never comes school _____. He is always _____.

A) early / late B) early / lately

C) earlily / lately D) earlily / late

24) He isn’t as intelligent _____ his sister.

A) like B) as C) than D) nothing

25)It was ___ music I have ever heard.

A) more beautiful B) less beautiful

C) the most beautiful D) beautiful

E) most beautiful

26)I usually have _____ biscuit and _____ cup of coffee at 11 a.m.

A) a/some B) some/some C) a/a D) a/any

27)If the help ___ in time, the experiment ___ tomorrow afternoon.

A) had offered / would he completed B) was offered / will be completed C) had been offered / would be completed D) is offered / would be completed

E) are offered / will be completed

28). I ___ send him a letter yesterday.

A) am B) can C) may D) had to E) should

29). -When ___ you ___ here?

-I ___ just ___ .

A) did/come back/have/come back B) have/come back/have/come back

C) will/come back/have/come D) do/come back/have/has come

E) are/coming back/was/coming back

30)Janet is almost ______ her father. She’s 176 cm and he is 178 cm.

A) tall as B) as tall as C) taller than 99D) a little shorter

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