Form 6 I i I term Tarjima qiling "grocery"

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Form 6 I I I term

  1. Tarjima qiling “grocery”

  1. Non mahsulotlari b) oziq ovqatlar c) go’sht mahsulotlari

  1. I have … pen . He has … apple .

  1. A / an b) an /a c) a/a

  1. Lemon ,orange, apple cherry are…

  1. vegetables b) trees c) fruits

  1. Tarjima qiling “shop”

  1. bozor b) do’kon c) supermarket

  1. Tarjima qiling “nok”

a)pear b) peach c) plum

  1. Butter, cheese are…

a) fruits b) milk products c) fats

  1. Gapni tarjima qiling : “ To be healthy you must eat good food.”

a) sog’lom bo’lish uchun ko’p vitaminlar kerak.

b) tuxum va sut suyaklarni mustahkam qiladi

c) sog’lom bo’lish uchun yaxshi ovqatlar yeyish kerak

  1. Tarjma qiling “ square”

  1. aylana b) to’rtburchak c) uchburchak

  1. when … your birthday

  1. are b) is c) do

  1. So’z bilan yozing “1982”

  1. nine eighty two b) ninety eighty two c) nineteen eighty two

  1. Tarjima qiling “tug’ilgankun torti”

  1. birthday cake b)get a present c) have a party

  1. I … born in Navai

a) was b) were c) had

  1. O’tgan zamonini toping “go”

    1. goes b) went c) had

  2. O’tgan zamon ini toping “play”

    1. played b) playes c) gave

  3. Gapni tarjima qiling “ Ularda mashina yo’q edi”

a) They don’t have a car

b) they didn’t have a car

c) they had a car

  1. So’z bilan yozing “2012”

a) two thousand

b)two thousand and two

c) two thousand and twelve

  1. Tarjima qiling “grown ups”

a) sovg’alar b) yoshi kattalar c)tug’ilgan kun

18. what do you … on your birthday

a) get b) go c) children

19. We … very nice party

a) was b) were c) say

20. Tarjma qiling “We visited them evry summer”

a) Men ularnikiga o’tgan yozda bordim

b) Biz ularnikiga o’tgan oyda bordik

c) Biz ularnikiga har yozda borardik

21. Lola is bad …. A) boy b) father c) girl

22. Tom is a nice boy (antonym) a) bad b)tall c) short

23. There are… sheep on the field a) a few b) many c) lot of

24. There is a … milk a) lot of b) a little c) a few

25. Tom is …. Than Peter a) long b) tall c) shorter

26. I am … Then Toller my friend John a)big b) taller c) short

27.My father … watching a football match at 7 pm on Saturday

a) was b) will c) shill

28. Sabzavotlar qatorini ko’rsating

a) apple, tomato turnip b) quince, potato, turnip c) tomato, potato, turnip

29. Alisher Navoi … in Heart

A) was born b) live c) good

30. I … be a doctor a) father b) am c) want to

31.She is brushing her … hair a) longer b) long c) the longest

32. This exercises is … Difficult than this exercises a) much b) the most c) more

33.The potatoes is … than water - melon a) am all b) smaller c) smallest

34. Karima the … beautiful girl in our class a) beautiful b) more beautiful c) the most beautiful

35.Amu Darya is the… river in our country a) long b) longer c) the longest

36. The museum … near the hospital a) are b) is c) am

37. My favorite sports… chess, football a) is b)am c) are

38. I… one sister and two brothers a) has b) have c) had

39. My mother … from the North of England a) came b)come c) comes

40. You… interesting book now a) am reading b) is reading c) are reading

41. To’g’ri va noto’g’ri fe’llarni inflnitiv va o’tgam zamonlarda qo’llang

1. I have never … to London

a) is b) were c) been

42. I go to school on foot … but yesterday I… by bus a) go b) went c) gone

43.I … to the zoo once a month a) went b) lived c) reads

44. They … in a new house in kitten of the town. A) live b)lived c) lives

45. I like to …in a bid

a) read b) rending c) reads

46. Answer the questions. When do you get up?

a) at 7 b) at 12 c) at 2 d) at3

47. What do you doin the morning?

a) I was do morning exercises b) I pupil in the morning

c) I wash, dress and have breakfast in the morning d) I go to bed in the morning

48.What colour is it?

a) it is red b) it is book c) I see a book d) I like books

49.What colour do you like?

a) I like flowers b) I like green c) I see flowers d) Yes, I do

50. What fruits do you like?

a) I like an apple b) I like books c) I see fruits d) I eat fruits

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