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Internal Audit Office

University of Montana UH018

Missoula MT 59812-4032

(406) 243-6417

Fax: (406) 243-2797

University of Montana – Missoula

External Auditor Information
Welcome to the University of Montana, located in Missoula Montana at the mouth of the Hellgate Canyon and the base of Mount Sentinel. The Garden City hosts the University with an average enrollment of approximately 13,000 students with affiliated campuses located in Butte, Dillon and Helena Montana.
Following is information that will aid in making your visit not only effective and efficient but enjoyable as well. Should you need further information on anything, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


  • Internal Audit Office: This site will give an overview of the services provided by the Missoula Internal Audit staff.

  • Montana Legislative Auditor: This site will give an overview of the Montana Legislative Audit Office with links to audit reports.

  • A-133 Montana Single Audit Report (For the Two Fiscal Years Ended June 30, 2015): This link will take you to the Statewide Single Audit report.


  • Research Related Activity: This site will provide links to all policies and procedures developed for the Missoula campus, including: Conflict of Interest Policy, IRB, IACUC, IBC and Environmental Health.


  • UM Policies: This site will provide links to all policies and procedures for The University of Montana – Missoula with University-wide application.

  • Business Services Procedures: This site will provide links to all policies and procedures for the business operations of The University of Montana – Missoula including accounting, purchasing, travel, purchasing card and accounts payable.

  • MUS Account Codes Handbook: This link takes you to MUS Data Warehouse expense account codes handbook which lists the codes and corresponding description.

  • Document Number Prefixes: The link takes you to a listing of document number prefixes and the corresponding description.

  • Human Resources: This site will provide links to policies and procedures for the Office of Human Resource Services including payroll, benefits and holiday dates.


  • Campus Map: Directions to The University of Montana – Missoula campus and a campus map

  • Parking Map: The University of Montana – Missoula parking map and parking regulations

  • Parking Pass: A Temporary Parking pass can be provided for you upon request – we can send it to you in advance or you may pick it up on the first day of your visit. Please inform us of your preference.

  • Convention & Visitors Bureau: Missoula information and a link to what to do in and around Missoula – click on the ‘Things to Do’ button!


  • The following hotels which meet the Federal Per Diem rate are located near the campus:

  • Doubletree Hotel Missoula, Edgewater
    100 Madison
    Missoula, Montana 59802
    Phone: 800-222-TREE  Fax: 406-728-2530

  • Comfort Inn University
    1021 East Broadway
    Missoula, Montana 59802
    Phone: 855-849-1513  Fax: 406-543-2223

  • Holiday Inn Missoula Parkside
    200 South Pattee
    Missoula, Montana 59802
    Phone: 800-HOLIDAY  Fax: 406-721-7427

(A complete listing of hotels that meet the OAG per diem schedule can be located at Hotels at Per Diem.)

    • Missoula Dining; Places to Eat in Missoula: These two sites list a wide variety of options for dining Missoula wide.

  • Downtown area: The Missoula Downtown Guide of the Missoula Downtown Association lists several dining locations in the downtown portion of Missoula.

  • University area:

  • Finn & Porter at the Doubletree

100 Madison - 542-4660

  • The Press Box (Sports Bar)

835 E Broadway - 721-1212

  • Brooks & Brown Bar & Grill at Holiday Inn Missoula Parkside

200 S Pattee - 721-8550

  • Ciao Mambo

541 S Higgins - 543-0377

  • Hob Nob Café on Higgins

531 S Higgins - 541-4622

  • Scotty's Table

131 S Higgins Unit P3 - 549-2790

  • Biga Pizza

241 W Main Street - 728-8579

  • Bridge Pizza

600 S Higgins - 542-0002

    • North Reserve Corridor: Easy access to the North Reserve area is gained by taking Interstate 90 West to the N. Reserve exit

3630 N Reserve - 541-7900

  • MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

5210 Grant Creek - 721-0099 (right off of interstate) or

3820 S Reserve St. - 251-3424

  • The Montana Club

4561 N Reserve - 541-8141 or

2620 Brooks St - 543-3200

  • Nara Korean BBQ & Sushi

3075 N. Reserve St. #K - 327-0731

  • Outback Steakhouse

3415 N Reserve - 327-6900


    • Ice Cream

  • Big Dipper Ice Cream

631 S Higgins - 543-5722

  • Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

3275 N Reserve – Suite F - 549-5595

    • Steakhouse/Seafood

  • The Depot

201 West Railroad - Corner of Ryman and Railroad - 728-7007

    • Ethnic

  • Mustard Seed (Asian Café – Family Style)

Southgate Mall - 542-7333

  • El Cazador (Mexican)

101 Higgins - 728-3657

  • Sa-Wad-Dee (Thai)

221 W Broadway - 543-9966

325 N Higgins - 926-1860 or

3850 S Reserve St. Suite 140 - 926-1305

  • Sushi Hana (Japanese/Sushi)

403 N. Higgins - 549-7979

  • China Garden (Chinese)

2100 Stephens Ave - 721-1795

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