Information and information processes

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Information and information processes

What is WWW

for a person information -it is a system of signals that a person receives from differentsources.Information signal -this is some change in physical quantities.Information processes:collection of information;data processing;data storage;transfer of information.

How WWW works.

Possibilities provided by the WWW.








What is WWW

What is WWW


(World Wide Web)

–The World Wide Web.

the Internet

The World Wide Web

Technical system

Service based internet

What is WWW

The World Wide Web

Huge storage information

  • You can find anyinformation:educational, scientific,news, etc.
  • Contains a hugequantityinformation thatincreases.

Founding of WWW :

1989 year.

Tim Berners-Lee


1993 - software publishedsoftware and technical documentation.

WWW device

WWW device



Outer partwhat is visible on the screen.

Jump pointerpoints to anotherweb page, place onthis web page, addressemail ordocument.

Linking using hyperlinks:comfortable;obvious.

The web page to whicha hyperlink is attached,may be wherewhatever

Hypertext -hyperlinks and other content of web pages.

Network protocol HTTP and URL


(HyperText Transfer Protocol)

– hypertext transfer protocol.

Generic resource locator






Network protocol

Nameweb server

page addresson server

Web page file name


Web site

Site - site, place.

Web site -several web pages thatlinked bycontent and have oneowner.

Web site

Firstweb server

First website

The first photo on the world wide web


Brauzer - brauzer.

Browser WorldWideWeb

The most common browsers:

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Opera.
  • Mozilla Firefox.

Principle of operation WWW

Client computer

Web server



World Wide Web Consortium :

  • Responsible for implementationtechnical standards inthe world wide web;
  • determines the directiondevelopment of the world wide web;
  • more than 350 organizations from28 countries of the world;.

1994 year.

Access to the information


Access to the information

Information search methodson the world wide web

  • by web page addresses;
  • moving alonghyperlinks;
  • using searchsystems.

Opportunities provided byworld wide web :
  • receiving news and otherinformation;
  • communication in forums;
  • communication and accommodationinformation about yourself inin social networks;
  • contentsites.

Opportunities provided byworld wide web :
  • receiving news and other information;
  • communication in forums;
  • communication and accommodationinformation about yourself inin social networks;
  • contentsites.

The World Wide We(WWW)

The World Wide Web provides its users with many different possibilities..

The World Wide Web:

the most massive Internet service;provides access to information on web pages;the largest repository of information.

Several web pages that are related in content and have the same owner are called a website.

A browser is a special program designed to view the web pages of the world wide web.
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