Instructions for a m leonard #424fc 4-wheel Flatbed Cart

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Assembly Instructions for A M Leonard #424FC 4-wheel Flatbed Cart

  1. Unpack and lay out all parts received with your cart shipment. Compare with diagram on 2nd page to make sure you have received all parts correctly. During assembly only finger tighten hardware until you are instructed to completely tighten. It is best to leave loose so that bolt connection into welded nuts are easier to complete.

  2. Lay the deck face down onto a level work surface.

  3. The rear of the deck has 4 holes in line near the edge; the wheel brace mounts to the rear side of the deck. Line one of the wheel braces up with hole in deck and secure with a 1½” bolt. Line up the other side of wheel brace to hole and secure with another 1 ½” bolt. To make this assembly easier, be sure to leave bolts loose during assembly.

  4. Repeat step 3 for the other wheel brace.

  5. Mount the welded axle assembly. Position the axle assembly between the wheel braces; axle housing should be mounted so that it will be below wheel brace in final assembled position. Line up welded nuts to holes in wheel braces then secure using two 1 ½” bolts. Now fully tighten installed bolts.

  6. Slide the axle through the axle housing and center. Place a large washer on each side, then wheels, then the other large washers. Finish this assembly by installing the E-rings into the grooves at each axle end. A pair of slip-joint pliers and eye protection is recommended. The E-ring is completely installed when it makes contact with the axle at 3 points.

  7. Place the Front Wheel Support Bar in position on the deck. Line up holes and install using five 5/8” bolts and nuts. Then tighten fully.

  8. Mount the front caster assemblies by lining up the assemblies with holes in the front wheel support bar; insert the 1” bolts on one side and the flat washers, lock washers, and nuts on the other side. The bolts can be assembled in either direction, but a final assembly with nuts at bottom is a cleaner looking assembly.

  9. Now turn cart over to install the handles. Position a handle under the deck, line up holes, and install using the 1 ½” bolts and nuts. Repeat for the other handle.

  10. Position handle support between the handles, line up welded nuts with holes and secure using two 1 ½” nuts.

  11. Fully tighten remaining bolts/nuts.

  12. Using a grease gun, apply grease to all grease fittings. Also check the tire pressure, 25 psi is recommended.

Parts Listing

Item Number Description Quantity

424FC01 Deck 1

424FC02 Handle 2

424FC03 Handle Support 1

424FC04 Wheel Brace 2

424FC05 Front Wheel Support 1

424FC06 Axle Weld Mount 1

424FC07 Axle 1

424FC08 Hardware Pack 1

424FC09 Caster Wheel Assembly 2

FCWH Wheel Assembly 2

FCGP Grip 2

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