Writing task 1

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Writing task 1

Bar graph is very simple way of giving main information about some topic.A Bar Graph also called Bar Chart is a graphical display of data using bars of different heights

The bar graph compares post-school qualification in Australia based on gender for the year 1999. Generally speaking, more male achieved their post-school degrees in skilled vocational diploma, Masters degree and postgraduate diploma than females did while for more female, the highest educational qualification was undergraduate diploma and Bachelor's degree.

According to the data, Australian male and female who achieved their post-school degrees in 1999 were classified into five categories. 'Female post-school qualified' surpassed their male counterpart in undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree as they a smaller ratio of females attended post-graduation courses. For the undergraduate diploma, the percentage of females was 70% compared to the only 35% male. Male were predominating in percentage when it comes to master’s degree, postgraduate diploma and skilled vocational diploma. 90% male completed skilled vocational diploma and the remaining 10% was female. It is worth noticing that, though many females completed their bachelor degree, the percentage decreased in masters degree level whereas 60% male completed it.

Writing task 2

Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business. Others prefer to work for an employer. Would you rather be self-employed, work for someone else, or own a business? Use specific reasons to explain your choice.

In the recent years with the demand for different skills, experiences and qualifications increasing, the job market has become competitive. Nevertheless, I will prefer to work for an employer. Reason being, to run a business person requires lots of experience and fund. In business there is high risk and high return. Whereas in doing job I will have take just take care of my responsibilities towards my employer. While working as employee I can achieve responsible post with less risk or I can say there is no direct risk.

I think, self-employment and business requires ample of knowledge and experience and above to all of this, it is not possible to run business without money. Whereas, I can work in any apex organization on the basis of my qualification and knowledge. There are various advantages in working for employer. First of all I will start getting revenue without any investment. Second advantage of doing job is, there is less responsibility in comparison to business. Working for other employer will help me in maintaining proper schedule. There is less mental stress in job. I will be able to switch to other company in adverse conditions like recession. Like son has less responsibility, when he lives with his father and once he starts living his own life his responsibilities and stress both increases. I think there is same relation between employer and employee. Employer is like father who is bearer of all risk and stress whereas employee is like son who has to just follow his guidance. I think job will give me more opportunity to work at different regions of country and outside country, because of transfers and opportunity of switching.

At last I think, in job there is more freedom, less risk, zero investment and lots of opportunity. In job there are chances of getting new jobs once one loses existing. At the same time if business closes it is hard to recover again easily.
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