Individual Lot Site Grading Plan Checklist

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Individual Lot Site Grading Plan Checklist
This checklist provides all items required by the city code, section 12-6 to be placed on the site grading plan. Site specific items may be required above and beyond this checklist.
This is a checklist in addition to the single family home checklist.
____ Name, title, company, address and telephone number of the engineer and/or surveyor responsible for preparing the plans
____ Name and address of developer or owner
____ Vicinity Sketch
____ Acreage of site
____ Boundary survey of site
____ Zoning
____ Legend and Scale
Site Grading
____ Existing drainage patterns (1 foot contours) on and within 100 feet of site
____ Proposed drainage patterns (1 foot contours)
____ Limits of floodplain
____ Limits of wetlands
____ Areas to be sodded or seeded
____ Areas to be left undisturbed
____ Erosion Control

____ Slope, lengths, inverts, and material types
____ Separation requirements
____ Sump pump discharge location
____ Gutter/Roof drain discharge location

Erosion and Sediment Control
____ Temporary erosion control
____ Permanent erosion control
____ Lake County Erosion Control Notes
____ Erosion Control Details
____ Construction Sequencing
____ Storm sewer drainage sizing calculations
____ Ditch sizing calculations

Permit Applications
____ Lake County Stormwater Management Permit
____ North Shore Sanitary District
____ NPDES Permit
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