First Presbyterian Church

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First Presbyterian Church

42 Broad St

Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201


From the west

Westfield Ave to Morris Ave. Bear left and then right under RR. Next Right on West Grand. Left next block on Union St to West Jersey. Turn left under RR, and immediately right in E’town Plaza. Pass parking lots*, turn next left on Caldwell Pl, and immediately right into church drive. Limited parking behing the Sanctuary.

NOTE: the only access to church and public parking is via two one-way streets –

E’town Plaza and Caldwell Pl. Follow arrows.

From the south (Turnpike Exit 13 not 13A)

Follow signs for Rts 1 & 9. Choose “Elizabeth” not “Linden”. Go to light and turn left on Bayway Ave. Go 3 traffic lights and right on Broad St.; pass Hospital, Library and Court House on your left. Continue past Church, Graveyard and Parish House. Continue straight to light at E/W Jersey (no turns). Stay in left lane, and turn at next light onto West Grand. Go under railroad and turn left at next light onto Union St. Turn next left on to West Jersey, and immediately right on E’town Plaza. Pass parking lots*. Turn next left at Caldwell Place and immediately right into church driveway. Limited parking behind church.

If you find our parking lot is filled, go back to Caldwell Place (one way toward Broad St).

Turn left, go through E/W Jersey, left on West Grand, proceed as above, but when you

*Turn on E’town Plaza see metered parking lot on left.

(Do not use the Union Co Employees’ Parking Lot).
There are also street meters on Caldwell Place.

Public Parking Structure on Dickinson St at Jefferson Ave.

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