Directions from Germantown Pike to our front door

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525 Plymouth Road, Suite 316, Door “N”

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462



Directions from Germantown Pike to our front door> Turn onto Plymouth Road, You'll go through a light down a hill and back up. Just before the end of the hill, make a left into Plymouth Woods office center. Follow drive around median and turn at you first left and then a very quick right into the parking lot, building # 525 will be on your left. At the far end of the parking lot, look for a door with the letter “N”. Push intercom button and someone will open the door for you. 


Area Hotels and links:


SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Plymouth Meeting‎ - more info » Google reviews

430 Plymouth Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA‎ - (888) 287-9400‎ - 0.4 mi E


Hampton Inn Philadelphia/Plymouth Meeting ‎ - more info » Google reviews

2055 Chemical Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA‎ - (610) 567-0900‎ - 0.8 mi S

Ruby Tuesdays attached.


Doubletree Guest Suites Philadelphia West - more info » Google reviews

640 W. Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA‎ - (610) 834-8300 – 1.0 mi

Many good restaurants and shopping across the street at Plymouth Meeting Mall


Extended Stay America Philadelphia - Plymouth Meeting‎ - more info » Google reviews

437 Irwins Ln, Plymouth Meeting, PA‎ - (610) 260-0488‎ - 0.4 mi E


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