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Friday, September 9, 2016

Lunch: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

  • The REVISED concessions signup sheet is on the bulletin board. Not many dates to choose from this fall and only 12 all year, so sign up soon! Teachers—note that there is ticket duty sign up on the bulletin board as well.

Friday 9/9

  • MS & HS to Hay Bale decorating 8:30-11:20—if you are done early, you can either walk or be bussed back to town. Advisors are responsible for their kids until lunch time.

  • V FB at Ennis 7:00—bus leaves at 11:30 from Moore, 11:45 from Hobson; 12:15 from Judith Gap

  • JH/JH/JV/V VB vs Grass Range/Winnett in Hobson 3:00/4:00/5:15/6:30

Saturday 9/10

  • JH/JH/JV/V VB vs Harlowton in Moore 3:00/4:00/5:15/6:30—bus will leave Hobson at 2:00

Sunday 9/11

  • Utica Day 10:00-4:00

Monday 9/12

  • JVFB & JVVB at Park City at 4:00—bus leaves at 12:00 from Moore, 12:15 from Hobson, 12:45 from Judith Gap

  • Middle School Student Council Meeting at noon

  • MS Staff meeting after school

Tuesday 9/13—HS Staff meeting at 7:45

  • JV/V VB vs Foothills Christian in Hobson 5:00/6:00

  • Hobson School Board Meeting approx. 7:30 (after VB)

Wednesday 9/14

  • FFA at District Leadership School in Chinook—suburban leaves at 7:00 AM—back in time for practices

Thursday 9/15

Friday 9/16

  • JH/V FB at Absarokee 4:00/7:00—JH bus leaves at 12:00 from Hobson, then Moore at 12:15; Varsity bus leaves at 1:00 from Moore and then 1:15 from Hobson

Saturday 9/17

  • JH/JH/JV/V VB vs Roy/Winifred in Hobson 3:00/4:00/5:15/6:30

Monday 9/19

  • JVFB vs DGS in Hobson at 4:00

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