Uniforms, shoes, and all necessary undergarments

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Coach Stevenson: 570-4799

Coach Sturgill: 366-2463

Football Itinerary—September 16

Remember to bring:

Uniforms, shoes, and all necessary undergarments

Towel & toiletries

Healthy snack, Water and/or Gatorade

$$ for concessions/cafe


Friday, September 16

JH/V at Absarokee
12:00 JH Bus leaves Moore

12:15 JH Bus leaves Hobson

12:45 JH Bus leaves Judith Gap

1:00 HS Bus leaves Moore

1:15 HS Bus leaves Hobson

1:45 HS Bus leaves Judith Gap

4:00 JH Game Kick Off

7:00 HS Game Kick Off

Note that the JH/JV football schedule is CONSTANTLY in flux. It seems almost daily that we have someone cancel a game and we are doing our best to try to fill these games with other games, so please take any schedule you have that was edited in August and throw it away. The best thing is to monitor the Hobson School Calendar on the website as we keep this updated.


Sept 23—V FB vs Lone Peak in Hobson 7:00
Sept 26—JH/HV vs Ennis at Reed Point
Sept 30—JH/V at Wilsall vs Shields Valley 4:00/7:00
Oct 3—JV vs Park City in Hobson 4:00
Oct 4—MAYBE something here……
Oct 8—JH/V vs Broadview/Lavina in Moore 10:00/1:00—HOMECOMING
Schedules always available at www.hobson.k12.mt.us/athletics

On all road trips

Please don’t forget to send your student-athlete with proper attire; the weather can change at any moment!
We always plan on dropping off the boys at Judith Gap, Garneill, Lewistown (CMMC), Moore, Hobson, and Eddie’s Corner as necessary on the trips home. Please be prompt in picking up your sons at these locations so that the entire team doesn’t have to wait for you.

Download 29.05 Kb.

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