Plymouth Annual Town Meeting Monday, March 6, 2017 7: 00 pm

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Plymouth Annual Town Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2017

7:00 PM

Moderator Tom Harris called the Annual Town Meeting to Order at 7:00 pm. He stated that Roberts Rules of Order would be followed; he also indicated that the Plymouth School District was ready to proceed with their Meeting and suggested that the Town Meeting be opened, adjourned, and the Plymouth School District Meeting be held, followed by the Town Meeting. He then proceeded to read the Warning of both the Town and the Plymouth School District.

A Motion was made by Russ Tonkin to adjourn the Town Meeting, proceed with the School District Meeting, and then re-meet for the Town Meeting; Ralph Michael seconded; so voted. (See the Minutes from the Plymouth Town School District Meeting for information about said Meeting.)
The School District Meeting was closed at 8:30 pm; Charlie Kimball, our State Representative, presented an update on legislative matters, including educational reform, the educational money in the State budget, and clean water initiatives. Questions or comments from the residents involved the possible passage of legalizing mariuana, educational funding from Act 60, and the K-12 curriculum.
The Plymouth Town Meeting began at 8:45 pm. Article 1 was read: To elect Town Officers for the ensuing year(s) by Australian Ballot; there was no discussion. The election will be by Australian ballot on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at the Town Hall.
Article 2 was read: To see if the Town will vote $10,486.50 for Human Services to be allocated as in the Warning. Eric Johnson asked about the Memory Tree and approximately how many families had been helped. Anne Brown indicated that six families received assistance and the monies expended were about $8,000 for the year. There was no further discussion; a Motion by Steve Radonis was made, and seconded by Kathy Billings, to put a vote to the residents to approve Article 2; the ayes had it.
Article 3 was read: To see if the Town will vote to raise $985,621 in taxes to pay estimated expenses in the amount of $1,271,821. There was no discussion; a Motion by Julie Dupont was made, and seconded by Carol Goodwin, to put a vote to the residents to approve Article 3; the ayes had it.
Article 4 was read: To transact any other necessary and legal business. Midge Tucker gave information about the creation of a Memory Garden at the Community Center; the incentive was to honor Eliza Ward, who recently passed away, and was an important member of the community; but the Garden has branched out to include the loved ones of residents, who can be remembered with the purchase of an inscribed memorial stone to be laid in the Garden. Tom Marrone asked about any further information on the former Town Clerk and reimbursement to the Town about expenses involved with the embezzlement; Russ indicated that the Town was reimbursed by the VLCT and Ludlow Insurance for the monies taken, but that there would be no other recovery of funds expended by the Town. An update was given on the work being done on Route 100A; work has halted at this time, but was expected to commence again in the spring.
Julie Dupont Motioned to adjourn the Meeting; Pat Harris seconded; so voted. The Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Sandie Small

Plymouth Town Clerk

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