Hoagie Sale Fundraiser Chairperson Planning Guide

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Hoagie Sale Fundraiser

Chairperson Planning Guide

This guide provides instructions and forms needed to successfully conduct a Hoagie Sale Fundraiser. The Chairperson is responsible to ensure all steps are completed.

Hoagies are made by Thomson’s Meat Market in Walnutport and depending on the size of the order (if large enough) delivered to the Union Lutheran Church – our typical pickup location. Sellers are responsible for turning in the orders by a per-determined date, picking up their hoagies on the pickup date, and paying.
Determine the dates of the sale if not on the Troop’s yearly calendar. It’s recommended a selling period of at least 2 weeks. A good pickup day to select is a Wednesday. People who sell at their work place can then deliver on a Thursday. For a Wednesday delivery Thomson’s needs the order called in by the previous Thursday. Thomson’s doesn’t make hoagies on Saturday.
Thomson’s Meat Market

430 Washington Street, Front

Walnutport, PA



  • Establish and get agreement on dates from the Troop Committee

  • It is recommended to call Thomson’s when planning the sale to ensure they can deliver on the date selected.

  • Establish the price. In 2011 we asked $4.00/ea for all types even though some are a little more expensive to make then others. Approximate cost to make a hoagie is about $2.35 - $2.50. So in general, profit is about $1.50 per Hoagie.

  • Create the selling form. See Attachment “A” – Group Hoagie Order Form. Modify the forms to specific fundraiser event and dates. Do not change the hoagie types or tag colors…. This is Thomson’s standard hoagie order form – when orders are called in you just need to provide the total quantity of each color tag. Make sure they agree with the type hoagie, tag color and quantity.

  • Group Hoagie Order Form - Instruct people to use this form if a seller is posting at work, selling to family members, and friends. This seller’s name is entered on the bottom of the form and with phone contact number. This seller is responsible with picking up the entire order, distributing the hoagies, and paying.

  • Once the forms are completed, print copies, hand out and provided instructions to scouts and leaders during announcements at a Troop meeting a week or two before they should start selling. Leave additional copies at the lodge.

  • Email the form to the Troop Webmaster so it can be posted on the Troop Web site.

  • Attend the Troop meeting prior to the day the Hoagie Orders are to be placed with Thomson’s and collected all order forms from sellers. Start a “master list” spreadsheet – could be an expanded (longer) blank Group Order form. Make a line for each order (seller) with quantities across the row. When all are added do a total of each tag color across the bottom plus total count. This will be the master list to order the hoagies and at pickup time to track the orders picked up and payments.

  • Call Thomson’s Meat Market and place the order and arrange a deliver time 1 hour before pickup time starts. So if pickup starts at 5:30 ask they are delivered by 4:30. Ask they be delivered to the front of the church building under the front door cover…. This is typically were we sort the orders.

  • Contact leaders and scouts and ask for some volunteers to be at the church just before when the hoagies arrive. They are needed to sort the orders.

Steps – Day of Hoagie Order Pickup

  • Prior to pickup arrange for bags, boxes, marker pens, cash box with change (seed money), a copy of the Troop membership (with phone numbers) , stapler & staples.

  • Arrive early. When the order arrives have volunteers removed the carriers and place the hoagies in piles, one for each tag color. COUNT each hoagie via color tag and verify quantities delivered are the same as ordered and that it agrees with the bill.

  • Have delivery person take all carriers and obtain the bill. The bill doesn’t have to be paid now; a check will be mailed to Thomson’s via the Troop Treasurer.

  • Start an assembly line. Each person takes an order sheet and fills a bag/box with the hoagies and staples or fastens the order form to the bag or box. It is recommended a second person confirm the hoagies placed in the bag / box agrees with the order….. This saves a lot a trouble in the end if there are missing hoagies or hoagies left over. IMPORTANT – THIS FREQUENTLY HAPPENS SO DO THIS STEP.

  • As people arrive to collect their hoagies, the Coordinator checks the “Paid” column next to their name on the master list and takes either cash or a check. All checks should be made out to Neffs Boy Scout Troop 57.

  • If anyone provides donations or says keep the change – mark these at the bottom of the master sheet as donations and record the amount.

  • When the end pickup time is near and there are still orders to be picked up start making phone calls.

  • Count and sort the money and checks. Remove “seed” money that was in the cash box to be used as change. Provide the cash, all the checks, and the bill from Thomson’s to the Troop Treasurer as soon as possible. Ask the Treasurer to mail a check to pay the Hoagie bill.

  • Do a profits spreadsheet – see Attachment “B” – Sample Profit Sheet. Record total hoagies sold, total payments and donation, less the Thomson’s bill (and any other expenses) and the profit. Attend the next Committee Meeting and present the report.


Carlton Gillikin

ASM Troop 57

Revised 12/15/11

Attachment “A” – Group Hoagie Order Form

ATTACHEMENT “B” – Sample Profit Sheet

ATTACHEMENT “B” – Sample Profit Sheet

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