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UCS Heritage Series – KASHTAN Ukrainian Song and Dance Ensemble Inc.


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Please indicate below your exact order. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Orders can only be made by this Order Form, which should be posted or emailed to:

PO Box 466, Woodville SA 5011 AUSTRALIA

  • E
    mail: bandura@ozemail.com.au

The last day to place and pay for this order is: Monday, 31 March 2014




Total Price

Full sheet of twenty 60-cent Kashtan stamps


Domestic 60-cent Kashtan stamp (if less than a sheet of 20) price each


Domestic 60-cent Kashtan FDC – IN PACKAGE


Domestic 60-cent Kashtan FDC – POSTED DIRECT TO YOU (Australia only)


Postage & Handling costs Sub Total


Option A

Standard postage costs and handling within Australia (up to 250 g)¹: $2.00

Option B

Standard Airmail international postage and handling (up to 250 g) ¹: $7.00

Option C

Registered international Airmail postage and handling (small envelope): $15.00

Option D

Registered international Airmail postage and handling (large envelope): $23.00

(Sub Total + price in Option A, B, C or D) = TOTAL


¹ if weight exceeds 250g, the UCS will require additional payment before despatching the order.

Please indicate your method of payment: (tick box)
 Cheque or money order: payable to: “Ukrainian Collectibles Society
 Electronic funds transfer: Dnister Ukrainian Credit Coop

BSB: 704-235

Account: 02800084

Notation: “your name and city” (eg: Ned Kelly, Adelaide)

 For international orders payment can be made through either Paypal or Moneybookers OR and an international bank cheque in Australian currency. See the Information sheet for further details.

[Office use only] PAYMENT RECEIVED:  Cash

Amount: $……………….……… Date: …………………………… Method:  cheque  EFT  PayPal/Moneybookers

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