Friday Firsts Bish Bash Bosh Friday 6 October 2017 Expression of Interest

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Friday Firsts
Bish Bash Bosh

Friday 6 October 2017
Expression of Interest
We invite an ‘Expression of Interest’ from artists/choreographers for exciting work as part of our annual scratch night, run in conjunction with Light Night Leeds.

Proposals should be for pieces that are

  • 12 minutes maximum (unless they are specifically durational or site-specific work)

  • Technically simple, adaptable to quick turnarounds

  • Suitable for showing alongside other pieces

All performers will be required to be available for the full day on Friday 6 October for a technical rehearsal and the performance.

Please note:

Yorkshire Dance cannot pay fees or expenses.

This evening is free to the general public so there is no box office income.

Name of artist/company

Name of performers/collaborators/people involved

Please give us a brief biography about you, your previous work (including links to videos if applicable) and about any previous involvement with Yorkshire Dance or Light Night

Duration of the piece (max 12 mins)

In what kind of space would ideally you like to show your work? (please tick)

  • Performance space – seated (capacity 80)

  • Performance space – Studio 1 / promenade / no seats

  • The Foyer space - Small performance space / no seats (bar atmosphere)

Other Space (please specify where):

Please note: other Spaces will only be available subject to programme feasibility

How would you categorise your work? Please tick all that apply


Physical Theatre



Live Art










Other (please specify):

Please state here what times you are available on Friday 6 October for a technical rehearsal:

Please outline a brief insight into your choreographic themes and ideas and what you would gain from the performance opportunity at Yorkshire Dance (please include the title of the work and a link to some footage in this section). Make sure you tell us here whether this is a work in progress or a finished piece of work:

Along with this form you must please send either a DVD or a link to online footage of this work or previous work.
Deadline for applications: Monday 21 August 2017
Please note we will notify all applicants of the outcome of their application

w/c 28 August 2017.
If you would like any further information on the event or receive a lighting plan of the space, please contact Maria Popova,

Please return this form to Maria Popova, Administrative Assistant:

Yorkshire Dance, 3 St Peter’s Buildings, St Peter’s Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

Download 26.8 Kb.

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