Free southeastern pa meet Up at North Creek Nurseries

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FREE Southeastern PA Meet Up at North Creek Nurseries

RSVP Deadline: June 22, 2016
Limited Seats Available ● RSVP Today to Reserve Your Seat!

WHEN: June 28, 2016 ● 5:30pm - 7:30pm

WHERE: North Creek Nurseries│388 North Creek Road, Landenberg, PA 19350

Tour: 5:30-6:30 with dinner, drinks and networking to follow. Qualifies for 1 PCH CEU.
RSVP DEADLINE: June 22, 2016 *Limited to the first 100 guests that RSVP.

PLNA Meet Up at North Creek Nurseries Details:
This is your opportunity to meet, socialize, network and build relationships with industry professionals from the southeastern PA, northern DE and MD metro regions.

Nestled in the scenic Brandywine River Valley, North Creek Nurseries has been a leader in the propagation and supply of starter plugs for over 28 years. Year by year, their farm in Landenberg, PA continues to grow into a dynamic and resourceful environment for learning. Spread across 3 acres of their 17 acre farm, North Creek’s extensive plant trialing program features extensive habitat and experimental planting. Join General Manager, Tim McGinty, for a lively, fast paced, and informative hour long tour highlighting North Creek stormwater BMP’s including: meadows, a rain garden, bioswale, green roof and recently installed SmartSlope living wall. Additionally, Tim will focus conversation on the natural and biological control agents North Creek employs to keep crops disease and pest free in the greenhouses and safe for pollinators in the landscape.

Michael Furbish, owner of Furbish Company, will be onsite to talk about their innovative EcoCline, BioWall and SmartSlope technology. Representing BioBest, North America’s leading supplier of biological pest management systems will be Doug Barrow. Doug will be available to answer questions on how to design sound IPM programs.

As a 26 year member of the PLNA, the North Creek staff looks forward to an evening of education, comradery and conversation with old and new friends alike. Carrie Wiles of North Creek Nurseries serves on the PLNA Board of Directors and will be on hand to answer questions about membership benefits and how your company can grow with the support of the PLNA.

Email the following information or send completed form to or FAX: 610.255.4762
Questions? CALL: 610-255-0100 ext. 12


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