Sponsored by the Susquehanna Lions Club

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50th Annual Manchester/Mt. Wolf Halloween Parade

Sponsored by the Susquehanna Lions Club

Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

Categories and Prizes

Category Description Division Prize

Scouts / Baton Girl/Boy Scouts A $75/50/25

Brownies/Cub Scouts B $75/50/25

Baton / Dance Studio C NOT JUDGED

Vehicles Early Antique (54 – before) D $30/20/15

Later Antique (1955 – 1979) E $30/20/15

Classic Cars (1980-1990) F $30/20/15

Misc. Vehicles G $30/20/15

Tractors & Off Road Vehicles T $30/20/15

Groups / Individuals Families & Friends H $30/20/15

Miscellaneous I $30/20/15

Commercial Entry (Business/Political) J NONE

Individual Costume K $30/20/15
Organizations Children’s & Youth Organization L $75/50/25

Adult Organization M $75/50/25

Floats Best Seasonal (Halloween) N $125/100/75 Best Miscellaneous O $125/100/75
Best of Parade (not eligible for Divisional Prizes) $250
All entries MUST Pre-Register by October 18th, 2015

Please Note: Parade placement will be determined randomly the day of the parade.

Fill out the reverse side of this form and return to the parade committee. Please be sure to include a description of your parade entry. On the day of the parade stop by the registration table in the Susquehanna Banks parking lot to check-in for the parade and to pick up your division letter. Large groups please send the group directly to your formation area and send only one person to check-in. After we receive your registration form we will send you a confirmation in early October with more detailed directions.
The parade steps off at the intercession of N. George Street Ext and Sunset Road in Manchester. The parade will go north on N. George Street and turn onto Maple Street. The parade will end at the Mount Wolf Park in Mount Wolf. The judge’s stand will be at the intersection of Maple Street and Main Street in Mount Wolf. Prizes will be mailed to the winners. Results will be posted in the newspaper.
Roads close promptly at 1:30pm the day of the parade.


Name of Organization/Individual ________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State: ____________ Zip ____________________
E-mail _________________________________
Contact Person _______________________________ Phone Number _________________
Division entering ______________________________ Number in Group _______________

If your entry wins who should the check be made payable to ________________________

_____ Check here if you want to be in the parade and donate any prize money back to the parade fund.
The parade committee requests for safety reasons that candy be handed to spectators and not tossed or thrown!
Will you be handing out anything to parade spectators? YES ______ NO _______

If Yes: Please attach a copy of what you will be handing out to this application for Parade

Committee approval.
Please describe your entry. We need some information for the announcer to use when you pass by the judges stand. Tell us briefly about your entry in the parade. (Ex. Make and year of car, number or people in group, theme, etc, etc.)
Please return PRE-REGISTRATION FORM to: Susquehanna Lions Club

Attn: Parade Chairman

P.O. Box 187

Mt. Wolf, PA 17347

For information or questions, call: Mike Starner (717)968-0536

e-mail: vs7420@comcast.net

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