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RE: July 16th Quick Results
KIRKWOOD, NY…With his victory on Saturday Randy Fox became only the second repeat winner in the 602 Crate Sportsman division at Five Mile Point Speedway this season. Eddie Strada, III was the CRSA Sprint Car main winner with Matt Cole taking top honors in the IMCA Modifieds. Other winners were Adam Gilbert, Chuck Culbertson, Dalton Maynard and Jimmy DiFulvio.
The drop of the green in the 20 lap Crate Sportsman feature event found Tanner Harpell racing out to the initial lead. A caution on lap 2 quickly regrouped the field and the balance of the feature would go incident free. On the restart Randy Fox took the lead from the inside of the front row as Harpell elected to start from the outside. Fox quickly opened up his advantage as Tyler Singleton and Harpell had a great side by side battle for second for several circuits. Matt Roberts (started 8th) and Marty Bunker (started 10th) were quickly working their way through the field as the race continued under green.
By lap 9 both Bunker and Roberts had broken in to the top five as Fox continued to set a fast pace out front. Harpell made his way past Singleton to secure second place as now both Bunker and Roberts applied the heat to Singleton. Tremendous racing went on throughout the field as a number of three and four wide battles for position occurred. At the finish Fox would be the winner with Harpell finishing in second. Bunker wound up third with Roberts and Singleton rounding out the top five. Current point leader Kyle Rohner was sixth with Mike Decker, Brad Cicio, Travis Smith and Kyle Pierce commanding the top ten slots.
Three generations of the Strada family have raced at Five Mile Point Speedway over the years and on Saturday Eddie Strada, III found himself on the top of the victory lane wall at the end of the evening. Strada started sixth on the grid and wasted no time working his way in to the race lead. Strada set a blistering pace enroute to the victory in the 25 lap event. Three former weekly Five Mile Point Speedway campaigners were in the field in Jeff Trombley (5th), J.R. Hurlburt (8th), Dana Wagner (19th).
Mike Stoddard darted out to the early race lead in the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature event. Stoddard led the first 8 laps and looked strong. Matt Cole made quick work moving forward from his fourth starting position to second and immediately began his challenge for the lead. On lap 9 Cole made his way past Stoddard and in to the lead. James Cornell moved in to second place on lap 15 but it would be Cole’s night as he would hang on for the win. Cornell finished second followed by Stoddard, Gary Roberts and Joe Novak.
Jason Colwell was the early race leader in the 15 lap Lightning Cat Expert feature on Saturday. Colwell led until lap 6 when he was overtaken by Rick Lunn. Lunn held the point for three circuits with Adam Gilbert moving past on lap 9. Gilbert would not look back as he led the remainder of the event for the win. Andy Brigham rallied late for second with Lunn third. Colwell and Tucker Harpell rounded out the top five.
The ”Thrillbilly” Chuck Culbertson showed why his is the defending Factory Stock Track Champion on Saturday. Culbertson led wire to wire in the 15 lap event and was never seriously challenged. The popular driver had been struck with some bad luck recently but rebounded on Saturday nicely. Charlie Towner, Jeremy Williams, Jason Rinker and Ryan Brockner rounded out the top five finishers.
Jimmy DiFulvio kept his Lightning Cat Novice victory streak alive by winning again on Saturday night. Randy Lane led until lap 5 but it was DiFulvio taking over on lap 6 and never looking back. Following DiFulvio across the line was Lane, Trevor Williams, Mike Wilmot Jr. and Jason Colwell Jr.
Meckenzie Marsh took the initial lead in the 15 lap Slingshot Feature event but Dalton Maynard quickly took over on lap 2. Maynard, the defending division champion led the remainder of the race. Marsh and last week’s Bob Boughton closed in during the late stages of the event but could not make a bid for the race lead. Maynard, Marsh and Boughton were followed across the line by Blaine Klinger and Shane Lewis.
Racing continues this Saturday and Sunday at Five Mile Point Speedway. Saturday is Youth Night, as all kids 17 years old and younger will be admitted FREE. Plus there will be Twin 20’s for the Crate Sportsman. On Sunday round 2 of the Modified Summer Slam will take place – 30 laps - $2,000 to win. The day will also feature the “Little Mike’s Race to Win for IMCA Modifieds. That event will pay $1,000 to win.
CRSA OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30): EDDIE STRADA III, Scott Goodrich, Tyler Jashembowski, Josh Pieniazek, Jeff Trombley, Jeff Taylor, Josh Flint, J.R. Hurlburt, Dustin Purdy, Chuck Alessi, Emily VanInwegen, Syndey Prince, Dalton Herrick, Craig Pelligrini, Mike Welsh, Randy Sterling, Rick Stone, Brett Jaycox, Dana Wagner, Kyle Smith, Peter Dence.
CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): RANDY FOX, Tanner Harpell, Marty Bunker, Matt Roberts, Tyler Singleton, Kyle Rohner, Mike Decker, Brad Cicio, Travis Smith, Kyle Pierce, Mike Austin, Brad Weaver, Devon Zona, George Gareis, Johnny Bangs, Tom Hampton, Cliff Pierce, Colby Hendrickson, Josh Mudge.
IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): MATT COLE, James Cornell, Mike Stoddard, Gary Roberts, Joe Novak, Jessy Velez, Brandon Shepard, Tyler Stoddard.
LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): ADAM GILBERT, Andy Brigham, Rick Lunn, Jason Colwell Sr., Tucker Harpell, Dave Bainbridge, Jeremy Warren, Mat Mather, Ronnie Welch, Frank Smith, Don Doster. DNS – Dave Simms.
FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): CHUCK CULBERTSON, Charlie Towner, Jeremy Williams, Jason Rinker, Ryan Brockner, Ned Fitch, Zach Clapper, Rob Snow.
SLINGSHOT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): DALTON MAYNARD, Meckenzie Marsh, Bob Boughton, Blaine Klinger, Shane Lewis, Alex Boughton, Kyle Button. DNS Brett Putnam.
LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): JIMMY DIFULVIO, Randy Lane, Trevor Williams, Mike Wilmot Jr., Jason Colwell Jr., Amanda Brigham.

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