Chuck Buchheit

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Chuck Buchheit has been a major investor in Vermont real estate for over twenty years, specializing in land management and the restoration of historic properties. Two of these properties have been among the largest real estate sales in Vermont. Chuck and his wife, Sue, live in South Woodstock where Chuck is active in the community, having served on the boards of the Green Mountain Horse Association and The Woodstock School Fund. He currently serves on the Town of Woodstock Planning Commission. Chuck has held U.S. and international executive positions including corporate officer of a Fortune 50 company and CEO of a NASDAQ listed technology company.

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Wetmore Buchheit · 73 Central Street · Woodstock, Vermont 05091

Telephone: (802) 457-1515 · Telefax: (802) 457-2727
E-Mail: John Wetmore · Chuck Buchheit · Julia Macdonald · Geoff Eckler · Webmaster

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