West texas longview access notice of open season

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Shippers have expressed interest in improvements to the Sunoco Pipeline L.P. (“SPLP”) pipeline that extends from Goodrich, Texas to Longview, Texas (the “SPLP Existing Pipeline”) that will enable the SPLP Existing Pipeline to receive crude petroleum from the West Texas Gulf Pipeline at a location close to Goodrich and deliver crude petroleum to the Mid-Valley Pipeline in Longview (the segments of the SPLP Existing Pipeline from its interconnection with the West Texas Gulf Pipeline near Goodrich to the Mid-Valley Pipeline, “West Texas – Longview Access”).

SPLP announces an open season that will provide an opportunity for shippers to support West Texas – Longview Access by making volume commitments, thereby becoming “Priority Service Shippers.”

Highlights of Project

  • Subject to regulatory approval, the committed volumes of Priority Service Shippers would not be subject to prorationing to accommodate the volumes of uncommitted shippers under ordinary operating conditions.

  • Priority Service Shippers would have the flexibility of selecting a term that expires in 2017 or 2020.

  • Priority Service Shippers would not be exposed to construction cost risk on their volume commitments.

  • It is anticipated West Texas – Longview Access would be in full, segregated service in January 2013.

  • In certain circumstances, Priority Service Shippers would be entitled to a credit against their volume commitments when West Texas – Longview Access or the West Texas Gulf Pipeline cannot transport the Priority Service Shippers’ volumes.

Open Season Process

Bona fide potential shippers that desire to receive copies of the open season documents are required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement in the form attached as Schedule 1 (the “CA”).

To execute the Confidentiality Agreement, a potential shipper must:

  1. Insert its name, jurisdiction of incorporation or formation, email address, and contact information.

  1. Submit two executed copies to:

Chuck Maser

Manager, Business Development

Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.
1818 Market Street
Suite 1500
Philadelphia, PA 19103

tel.: 215-977-3822

fax: 866-547-7490
email: CEMASER@sunocologistics.com
It is recommended that interested potential shippers submit signed CAs to SPLP on or before February 29, 2012, to give those shippers adequate time to evaluate the open season documents.
CAs that have been altered or amended in any way by a potential shipper, other than by the insertion of the shipper’s name, jurisdiction of incorporation or formation, e-mail address and contact information, may not be accepted by SPLP, in which case the open season documents will not be provided to that shipper.
Inquiries about the Open Season or this notice should be directed to:

Chuck Maser

Manager, Business Development
Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.
1818 Market Street
Suite 1500
Philadelphia, PA 19103

tel.: 215-977-3822 (office)

email: CEMASER@sunocologistics.com

Doc. # DC-2529802

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