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Pursuant to Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT or Commission) Procedural Rule 22.52(a)(1), notice is hereby given that Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) has filed an application for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) with the PUCT for SWEPCO to construct facilities in Harrison, Upshur, and Gregg Counties to provide electric power to the Longview, Texas area. This will require the construction of three transmission segments. A description of the line route for each of the three segments is provided below. The estimated cost of the project is $12,946,000.
Persons with questions about this project or who wish to receive a map of this project, should contact Keith Honey at (903) 234-7351. Persons who wish to only view a map of this project may do so at the SWEPCO office, 209 South Center Street, Longview, Texas. Persons who wish to intervene in the proceeding or comment upon action sought, should contact the PUCT at 1701 N. Congress, P. O. Box 13326, Austin, Texas 78711-3326, or call the Public Utility Commission, Office of Customer Protection at (512) 936-7120. Hearing and/or speech-impaired individuals with text telephone (TTY) may contact the Commission at (512) 936-7136. The deadline for intervention in the proceeding is May 12, which is 70 days after the date the application was filed with the Commission, and a letter requesting intervention should be received by the Commission by that date.
This application is filed in accordance with Sections 37.051(a), 37.053(a), 37.054 and 37.056 of the Texas Utility Code and PUCT Substantive Rule 23.31(c)(1).
Proposed Route: This segment will begin at SWEPCO’s Diana Substation, approximately 3.8 miles northeast of the community of Diana, Texas and run due south parallel to an existing SWEPCO 138kv transmission line approximately 0.5 miles and then run due west approximately one mile to a point adjacent to an Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative 138kv line. It will then run southwest and then south approximately four miles parallel to the Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative 138kv line to a point near the community of James. It will then run west approximately 0.5 miles to parallel another Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative 138kv line and then run generally southwest parallel to that line approximately three miles to a point near an existing SWEPCO 12.5kv distribution circuit. It will then follow that 12.5kv line generally south approximately six miles to a point just east of SWEPCO’s Spring Hill Substation. It will then turn west and run approximately 0.4 miles to Spring Hill Substation.

Proposed Route: This segment will begin at SWEPCO’s Spring Hill Substation, located on Gilmer Road (Texas Hwy. 300) north of Longview, run east approximately 0.4 miles, turn south approximately 0.2 miles and then follow the route of an existing SWEPCO 69kv line (which will be rebuilt to 138kv) approximately 4.1 miles to a point on the north side of Loop 281 in Longview. The line will then cross Loop 281, turn west approximately 0.5 miles and run generally southward on the west side of Grace Creek approximately 1.3 miles, then turn west and run approximately 0.4 miles to the west side of S.H. 300 and run south approximately 0.4 miles to a point where it will turn west into SWEPCO’s Lake Lamond Substation.
Proposed Route: This segment will begin at SWEPCO’s Lake Lamond Substation located on Hwy. 300 just north of U. S. Hwy. 80 in Longview and follow the path of the above Spring Hill-Lake Lamond 138kv line generally north approximately 2.6 miles to a point just north of Loop 281 in Longview. There it will connect with an existing SWEPCO 69kv line and run to SWEPCO’s Airline Substation.
Construction on the Diana-Spring Hill-Lake Lamond transmission lines is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 1999 and be complete in 2000.

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