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Leading ISU agronomist dead at 62
By RANDY MUDGETT- Managing Editor
JEFFERSON — Alfred Blackmer died Jan. 28 in his home after battling cancer the past two years of his life.
As an agronomist, Blackmer has been a driving force at Iowa State University since the mid 1970s when he turned his focus toward on-farm research and nitrogen management.
Connecticut. Blackmer attended college at the University of Massachusetts initially, receiving an associate degree in Animal Sciences.
After serving in the armed forces, he moved to Iowa, where he eventually earned a PhD in soil microbiology and biochemistry.
In Blackmer’s obituary, family members write, ‘‘His lifetime goal was to help farmers and he worked directly with hundreds of farmers throughout Iowa. He has more than 350 publications and has received 14 professional awards. He also traveled widely, presenting at many international universities and conferences.’’
Blackmer is survived by his wife, Dianne of Jefferson; son Tracy and his wife Doreen of Madrid; daughter Julie of Jefferson, and daughter Darcy Gill and her husband Bryan of Kirkwood, Mo.; and four grandchildren: Jessica and Cheryl Blackmer of Madrid, and Robyn and David Gill of Kirkwood, Mo. Also surviving are his parents, Randolph and Edna Blackmer of Orange Park, Fla.; two brothers: Randolph Blackmer of North Grosvenor Dale, Conn. and Paul Blackmer of Bakersfield, Calif.; and one sister: Rachel Parmentier of Gettysburg, Penn.
The Blackmer family requests that any tribute to the family be sent to the Fred Blackmer Agriculture Scholarship, c/o JSCS Foundation, Home State Bank, 115 State St., Jefferson, Iowa 50129. Scholarships from this fund will go to graduates of Jefferson-Scranton High School going on to study agriculture in a two-year or four-year school.
A second fund has been established at Iowa State University for graduate students in agronomy conducting applied research. To contribute to this fund, send memorials to the Professor Alfred Blackmer Scholarship Fund, Iowa State University Foundation, 2505 Elwood Drive, Ames, Iowa 50010-8644.


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