Entrepreneur Café Competition, April 2016

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Educational Component Overview

Entrepreneur Café Competition, April 2016

Recommended business support classes conducted at LFCC, 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Registration Fee: $50.00 includes 6 classroom modules,

two of which are required for competition.

Module 1: Program Introduction Marilyn Finnemore, Bright Box 20 Mins

March 2, 2016 Program Rules/Paperwork TBD

Business Basics Andrew Gauldin, Union Bank 60 Mins

Developing A Business Plan

Business Plan Components

Research, Market Analysis

Module 2: Business Planning Dr. Michael Malmfeldt, SU 70 Mins

March 9, 2016 Cash Flow Planning & Mgmt

Develop Outline of Business Plan

Understanding Business Planning Software

Understanding Your Financial Position

Financing Options Leslie Currle, People Inc. 20 Mins

Module 3: Business Operations TBD 70 Mins

March 16, 2016 Forms of Business


Licenses and Permits

Legal & Accounting Issues

Record Keeping

Policies & Procedures

Insurance Flynn Hulver, LD&B Insurance 20 Mins

Module 4: Marketing/Collateral Dale Maza, SBDC 20 Mins

March 23, 2016 E-Commerce, Social Media Janet Michael, Java Media 20 Mins

Elevator Pitch John Elrick, Toastmasters 40 Mins

Discuss Business Plan (Due 3/30) Andrew Gauldin, Union Bank 10 Mins

Module 5: Business Plans Due 90 Mins

March 30, 2016 Review of Education Program TBD

Q&A for Speakers/Presenters All Speakers/Presenters

Elevator Pitch Practice John Elrick, Toastmasters

*Required in order to compete

Module 6: Entrepreneur Panel TBD 90 Mins

April 6, 2016 Introductions

Prepared Questions for Panel

Time for Q&A

*Required in order to compete

Anyone interested in starting a business is eligible to register and take the classes. Business must be up and running for 1+ years in order to compete for the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice awards. Finalists will be chosen by a select panel of judges to advance to the competition. Competition will take place on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 6:00p at The Corron Center, LFCC. Each finalist will have 5 minutes to present their business plan and 5 minutes for Q&A. Winner will be determined by a panel of judges. People’s Choice award will be selected by audience members through ballots. Awards will be presented. All participants in the competition are encouraged to bring friends and family to support the People’s Choice selections. Judges’ Choice will win the grand prize of cash and in-kind services. People’s Choice will win the entry fee cash take at the door.

If you own a business and would like the opportunity to win a substantial award package … the Entrepreneur Café Competition could be the vehicle to take you to the next level!

Rules for Competition:

To qualify to enter the competition business owner must:

  • Have been in business for one year and have an EIN#

  • Must be licensed and operate in one of the following jurisdictions: Frederick County, City of Winchester, Clarke County, Warren County, Town of Front Royal, Shenandoah County or Page County

  • Must answer all required fields of information in the application

  • Must clearly identify need and specific amount of cash award requested for the project

  • Attend the last two modules of classes (reverse)

Finalists will be selected from these applicants.

For more information: entrecafe.org


(See reverse)

and Award Ceremony

April 19, 2016, 6:00p

The Corron Center

Lord Fairfax



The Regional Entrepreneur Café is brought to you by:

Bright Box and the Small Business Development Center, along with regional economic development agencies, Chambers of Commerce and companies serving the small business sector of the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

Join us for the first
Regional Entrepreneur Café

where bright ideas are nurtured.

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