East Lynne #40 School District

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East Lynne #40 School District

"Every Learner Succeeds"

PO Box 108

East Lynne, Missouri 64743

(816) 626-3511

Application for Substitute Teaching

State regulations require that substitute teachers hold a Missouri Substituting License. Applicants can apply for certification on-line at http://dese.mo.gov In order to have necessary information available for local purposes and to obtain State approval, please provide the following: (Required forms can be down loaded from our school website at www.eastlynne40school.org )

Personal Data:
Date: _____________________
Name: ________________________________________ Social Security Number: _________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________ Cell Phone: __________________ E-mail: ______________________________
Number of hours if less than a degree: ______ Do you hold a teaching certificate? Yes/No
Bachelor’s Degree_____ Master’s Degree_____ Major: ______________________________
Teaching Certificate? Yes / No
Do you hold a substituting teaching certificate for any other school district? Yes/No
If yes, name of district: __________________________________________________________
Grade Level Teaching Preference:
Preschool – 1st _____ 2nd-4th_____ 5th-8th_____ PE ____ Music ____ Computer ____ Art ____
Please indicate any days you will NOT be available to substitute: _________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________

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