Wattsburg Area School District Seneca High School 2009-2010 learning support english 12 Course Syllabus Instructor

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Wattsburg Area School District

Seneca High School



Course Syllabus
Instructor: Lindsey Ross Room: SHS Room 311

Email: Lindsey.Ross@wattsburg.org Phone: (814) 824-3400 ext. 5573

Website: Under construction. Will notify through ProgressBook website when complete

The Wattsburg Area School District challenges all students with rigorous, individualized instruction provided by a caring staff.


The Wattsburg Area School District is dedicated to all of our students. We envision schools that provide the foundation for life-long learning, with a clear, collaborative focus on education. We see a district where the community works hand-in-hand to help all students excel academically and socially. We will accomplish this vision through a diverse and challenging curriculum, presented in a rigorous fashion, by a dedicated staff. As we continue to provide individualized instruction and the latest technology, we see our students benefiting from an education that excites as well as encourages success. We will proudly promote our accomplishments and be recognized as educational leaders, not only within, but also beyond our community. We visualize schools with outstanding, inviting, safe facilities, where everyone will grow and develop as valued members of an ever-changing, global society.


This course is designed for a continuation of exploration in the areas of literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking.


  • interpret, compare, describe, analyze, and evaluate literary devices and components of fiction and nonfiction texts

  • analyze and compare connections between fiction and nonfiction texts

  • compose narrative, persuasive, and informative texts following the PSSA writing rubric

  • identify correct grammar, correct usage, correct mechanics, and common errors in the English language

  • spell, define, and use new vocabulary words


Activities include, but are not limited to: lecture, student presentations, small group work, teacher read alouds, class discussion, and writing conferences (student and teacher).


All work will only be accepted at the instructor’s submission deadline. (Students requiring extra time need to speak to the instructor at least two days prior to the submission deadline).
Make-Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any work missed due to an EXCUSED absence. They are to see the instructor the day they return to receive missed assignments, notes, etc. The instructor will not chase down students to give them missed work. Again, it is the student’s responsibility.
Make-Up Tests and Quizzes: Students who have an EXCUSED absence will be given one week to make up any missed quizzes or tests. It is the student’s responsibility to set up this date and time. If the student fails to set up a date and time to make up any tests or quizzes after one week, it will be recorded in the grade book as a zero.

Semester grades will be calculated according to the following:

40%- Marking Period 1 Grade

40%- Marking Period 2 Grade

20%- Final Exam Grade

Grading Scale:

A= 93-100%

B= 85-92 %

C-= 76-84%

D= 70-75%

F= 0-69%

Marking Period grades will be calculated according to the following:

Level 1: Summative Assessments

(65% of grade)

These assignments will consist of, but not limited to, weekly vocabulary and spelling quizzes, final draft writing assignments, reading comprehension quizzes, unit novel exams, grammar quizzes/exams, rubric assigned assignments, rubric assigned projects, marking period notebook check

Level 2: In-Class Assignments

(25% of grade)

These assignments will consist of any work the student does in-class. It will be graded not according to accuracy, but if the student completed the activity.

Level 3: Homework Assignments

(10% of grade)

These assignments will consist of any homework assigned. Homework will never be a new skill, but a review of skills learned in class that day or a skill previously learned It will be graded not according to accuracy, but if the student completed the activity.


Academic Freedom:

Students are expected to respect the right of their peers to express view on topics relevant to the course.

Academic Integrity:

Any student found to have plagiarized, fabricated, or cheated on all or part of any assignment or assessment will receive a zero in the grade book for that assignment or assessment. As plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty, disciplinary consequences are also possible.


The use of cell phones and all other electronic devices (with the exception of MP3 players) is prohibited during class. Cell phones and other electronic devices are expected to be turned off and placed out of sight during the class period. If the instructor sees a student using a cell phone, it will be taken away and put in her desk until the end of the school day. The student may only pick it up after the final school bell has rung. Repeated offences will be referred to the office for disciplinary measures. MP3 players may only be used during independent work. The instructor will advise students when MP3 players may be used.

Food and/or Drink:

Food and/or drink (with the exception of water) is prohibited during class, unless prior approval is granted from the instructor, nurse, or administrator. If the instructor sees a prohibited food or drink item, it will be taken away and put in her desk until the end of the school day. The student may only pick it up after the final school bell has rung. Repeated offences will be referred to the office for disciplinary measures.

Be on time and prepared for class:

Students are expected to be in class before the bell rings. Upon entering the classroom, all work should be complete, class materials are prepared, and students are seated and ready for instruction. Three class tardies will result in an automatic detention. Please use restroom and drinking fountain before class, unless it is an emergency.

Mature behavior is expected at all times:

The instructor, student teachers, and substitute teachers should all be shown the same respect. The instructor will treat you as an adult, and expects that you will act like an adult. If the student chooses not to act responsible, the following consequences will be in place:

1. Warning

2. Student/Teacher Conference and office referral

3. Parental contact and office referral

*For any serious violation of school rules, the above procedure will be disregarded and the student will be sent to the office and/or disciplinary consequences will be given.

Please return this page by Friday September 4, 2009 to receive credit.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the expectations for the course.

Student Signature: ______________________________________ Date: __________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________

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