Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor. To Link to any article

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Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor.

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Websites and Online Articles

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Animal Hoarding

  1. Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Animal Planet

  2. Animal Hoarding documentary project

  3. Inside Animal Hoarding (with video)

  4. People Who Hoard Animals, Psychiatric Times

  5. Behind Closed Doors: The Horrors of Animal Hoarding, Humane Society of the United States

  6. The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, Tufts University

  7. Animal Hoarding, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  8. Animal Legal Defense Fund

  9. Animal Hoarding: Alone in a Crowded Room

  10. News and information on animal hoarding and large scale animal cruelty

Collyer Brothers (famous 20th century hoarders)

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Google Scholar

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JSTOR articles


  2. The Concept of Hoarding

  3. Microeconomic Justification of the Hoarding Function

  4. Tales of Hoarding

  5. The Role of Emotionality in Hoarding

  6. Understanding Hoarding Behaviors in the Elderly

  7. An Expanded Conceptualization and a New Measure of Compulsive Buying

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