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Professional Profile

Accomplished career demonstrating success as a Researcher, Historian, University Lecturer

Great amount of publications are the parameter of high level of professionalism

Extensive background of living, studying and working in the Middle East

PhD, History, 2005

State Saint Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Specialization: History of International Relations
MA History, History of the Middle East, 2001

Department of Asian and African Studies, State Saint Petersburg University, Russia

Graduated with Honors.
BA, History, History of the Middle East, 2000

Department of Asian and African Studies, State Saint Petersburg University, Russia

Advanced training course, specialization “German Language”, Department of Philology, State Saint Petersburg University, Russia, 2007
School № 75, profound study of German, Saint Petersburg,1996

Summary of Achievements

Russian Federation Government grant holder, 2002-2003

Rewarded with the 150 years anniversary medal of the department of the Asian and African Studies, State St. Petersburg University as promising young scholar, 2005

Rewarded with diploma Youth Award “Breakthrough-2009”

Scientific Experience
2013 – Present

Russian research Institute, Turkish-Russian Cultural Foundation, Istanbul

2002 – 2013

Assosiate Professor, State Saint Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Department of Political Studies,

  • Department of Asian and African Studies,

  • Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,

2004 - Present

Chief Editor - St. Petersburg Center for Middle East Studies www.meast.ru


Chief of North Africa Department, “AF-RO” - magazine, dedicated to Africa

2002 August, September

Interpreter of Arabic – Nuclear Center, Tajur, Libya

Russian – native

English – upper intermediate

German – intermediate

Arabic – intermediate

1. Chapter “Middle East in the World War II” in collective monograph “Political history of the World War II”, St. Petersburg, 2011 / in Russian
2. “The Middle East: War and Politics”, chief Editor, Moscow 2010 /in Russian
3. Chapter “Middle East” published in Tutorial “World politics and international relations”. Co-authorship. St Petersburg, 2006 /in Russian
4. Chapter “Problems and incentives of energy development in North Africa and Middle East: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya” published in collective monograph “Oil, gas, modernization of society”. Co-authorship. St. Petersburg, 2008 /in Russian
5. Chapter “Xenophobia and Islam” published in collective monograph “Xenophobia in modern society”. Co-authorship. St Petersburg University Press, 2008 /in Russian
Academic articles and Conference Papers

  1. The US Policy and “Block Diplomacy” in the Middle East. //Theses of the conference “Local conflicts in Asia and Africa after the WWII”, 6-8 of February 2002, St. Petersburg, 2002

  2. The Russian Federation politics in the Middle East. Statement of the question. // Manifestation. Theoretical magazine of the “Leningrad African school” N3, 2002, St. Petersburg

  3. International position of Egypt in the period of foundation of the bipolar world (1945-1956) // Collected articles N4.200 – Faculty of oriental studies. St. Petersburg, 2002.

  4. Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: retrospective and perspective. // Theses of the Conference “St. Petersburg in Africa. Africa in St. Petersburg”.25-27 November 2002, St. Petersburg, 2002.

  5. Military reforms in Egypt during Muhammad Ali rule. Papers of the international conference “Victoria. Gloria. Fama” 9-11 September 2003. Military-historical magazine “Bombardier”, St. Petersburg, 2003

  6. The USSR Policy in the Middle East. 1945-1956. // Human. Nature. Society. Actual problems. Papers of the 13-th Conference of young researchers, 26-30 December 2002, St. Petersburg, 2003.

  7. Libya: there is nothing to loose for Russia. //AF-RO. Russian-African business magazine. N2 (3) 2004, Moscow.

  8. The foundation of the regional security system in the Middle East in the first decade of the Cold War// Papers of the conference “School of the young orientalist 2004”, 26-29 February 2004, St. Petersburg

  9. Stalins diplomacy in the Middle East: 1945-1953 // Collected articles of the International Conference of young researchers “Lomonosov-2004”, 12-15 April 2004, Moscow, 2004

  10. “Middle East Defense Organization” and the Middle East. 1949-1951// “Middle East and North Africa” Collected articles, St. Petersburg. 2004.

  11. The Middle East and Germany strategy before and during the WWII. //The WWII in the Asia. St. Petersburg, 2005

  12. Egypt: Who will be President Mubarak's successor? //AF-RO. Russian-African business magazine. N2(9) 2005, Moscow

  13. The Religious Board of Muslims and the Soviet foreign policy in 1950-es – 1980-es // Papers of the conference “Islamic society in Russia: results and future”. Nizhniy Novgorod, 2006

  14. Iran and neighboring states in the US and UK policy in the 1950-es// Papers of the international conference “Iran: the cultural-historical tradition and social development” Moscow, 2006.

  15. History Lessons: Soviet-Israel relations 1948-1951.// POLITEX Magazine (N3) 2006, St. Petersburg

  16. U.S. Policy in the Middle East in 2001-2007// Papers of International Conference on Islamic Studies “The World of Islam: history, society and culture”, December 11-13, 2007, Moscow

  17. Sources of Arab-Israeli conflict: the foundation of Israel. “Pax Islamica” Magazine, Moscow, 2008

  18. Centers of power in the Modern Middle East.// Papers of the First International Symposium “Islamic studies in Modern Russia and Commonwealth”, 19-20 February 2009, Kazan.

  19. Scientific and political discussion about the causes of “Six day Arab-Israeli War”// Papers of International Conference “Sourse study and historiography of Asian and African countries. Oriental and African satudies in the dialog of civilizations”, 2009, St Petersburg

  20. The Soviet-Zionist relations in 1941-1951: from documents published within the last ten years (Article), Global Academic Society Journal: Social Science Insight. Vol. 3, No. 11, 2010

  21. Caliphate as an to the ideal state to the concept “Hizb ut Tahrir” (Thesis) // Papers of the conference “Political institutes in modern society”, 2010, St Petersburg (to be published)

  22. Middle East in the period of historic changes (Article) //Quarterly almanac “Islam in modern society: Domestic and International and Political aspests”. No 3-4 (23-24), 2011 Nizhny Novgorod\

  23. Economic resources in the processes of modernization in models of Russia, China and Arab pricipalities of Persian Gulf (collective monograph), Paragraph 2.3 // Modernization of Russia and China: problems of theory andpolotocal practice. Ed. by AchkasovV.A., Lantsov C.A., 2012, St Petersburg

  24. Role of natural resource in modernization processes in models of Russia, China and Arab pricipalities of Persian Gulf (Article)// Bulletin of St. Petersburg University, series 6: Philosophy. Culturology. Politology. Law. International relations, 2012, St Petersburg

Articles, published in Russian magazines and newspapers.

  1. Syria in danger. June 14, 2005

  2. Syrian Armed Forces. Russian-Syrian military cooperation. September 7, 2005

  3. Modern Russian Politics in the Middle East. April 19, 2006

  4. The danger of the war against Iran. April 20, 2006

  5. Israel invasion of Lebanon. July 12, 2006

  6. The USSR-Israeli relations. 1940s-1950s. July 17, 2006

  7. Europe and war in Lebanon. July 21, 2006

  8. “The voice of Lebanese Christians”. The new lie. Jule 24, 2006

  9. Is the Middle East a “pole” in the global policy or not? Oktober 5, 2006

  10. Déjà vu on the southern boundary. November 27, 2006

  11. 50 year anniversary of the Suez crisis. November 13, 2006

  12. Global instability and three paradoxes of the US policy in the Middle East. December 2006

  13. Reelections in Palestine? December, 2006

  14. Why Saddam Hussein was executed. January 1, 2007

  15. Where the US Policy in the Middle East will lead? January 22, 2007

  16. Lebanon: “At 6 pm after the war” February 5, 2007

  17. The execution of Saddam Hussein and the US strategy in Iraq. February 12, 2007

  18. The US new initiatives in Iraq. February 18, 2007

  19. The Concepción of “Bipolarity” in international relations theory. March 8, 2007

  20. The non-alignment movement: global insubordination. March 14, 2007

  21. Cinematography as weapon of mass destruction. April 4, 2007

  22. Nuclear bluff of Iran. April 23, 2007

  23. Nuclear Middle East. May 20, 2007

  24. HAMAS. Getting the second legitimacy. June 13, 2007

  25. The “Six Day War”. 40 years after. June 17, 2007

  26. Iran and the USA: real or fabricated conflict.

  27. Jews and Arabs: bound by one chain. June 25, 2006

  28. Lebanon and Syria – brothers or enemies? August 14, 2007

  29. Escalation of the conflict between Israel and Syria. September 7, 2007

  30. The story about ineffective attempt. The Putin's visit to Iran. October 18, 2007

  31. Russian armaments in the Middle East. November 6, 2007

  32. Bush is giving a chance for Arabs and Israelis...last chance for Himself. November 26, 2007

  33. “Pentagony” of George Bush-junior. December 10, 2007

  34. Bush in the Middle East: “Round the world in 8 Days”. January 17, 2008

  35. Russian armaments in the Middle East and Israel Security. Jule 25, 2008

  36. What Bush will leave for the successor? January 28, 2008

  37. Russia – Iraq. Money in exchange of oil. February 26, 2008

  38. The forgotten peace better than a new war. April 28, 2008

  39. Zionism sources and the origin of Israel. January 4, 2009

  40. Nitanyahu generously promised flag and anthem to Palestinians. July, 2009

  41. Summary of the Bush's policy in the Middle East. February 11, 2009

  42. «Flotilla of Freedom »as new version of struggle against Israeli. June, 2010

  43. Favorite myth of russian zionists: Obama «dumps»  Israel. . 2010

  44. Georgia and Israel : history of relations. 2010

  45. Egyptian revolution: rebellion of the educated. February, 2011 

  46. Lefts against Kaddafi. April, 2011

  47. Information war against Lybia. May, 2011 

  48. Events around Golan Heights and “new image of Israel” . July 2011

  49.  From riots in England to Breivik case”: reflecting on the double standards. August, 2011

  50. Response to the article of Omar al-Shara «Fiasco of the Russian political Arabic Studies». February, 2012

  51. Aggressive dilettantes in the service of Russia. September, 2012

Open Publications in English
1. Don Quixotes from Switzerland are fighting against minarets. EastWest Review Agency 24/12/09

2. Factor of permanent threat for the West or the nuclear weapon at the Iran’s disposal. Eastwest Review 30/12/09

3. The Goldstone Report and Israel's Molten Lead 08.02.2010

4. The Soviet-Zionist relations in 1941-1951: from documents published within the last ten years.

http://www.scholararticles.net/search/?s=isaevSeptember 2010

5. Russia and Egypt: Conflicts in the political elite and protest movements in 2011–2012. Journal of Eurasian Studies Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 60–67 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1879366513000298

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