Data Analytics: Practical Guide to Leveraging the Power of Algorithms, Data Science, Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, and Predictive Analysis to Improve Business, Work, and Life

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Data Analytics
Practical Guide to Leveraging the Power of
Algorithms, Data Science, Data Mining, Statistics,
Big Data, and Predictive Analysis to Improve
Business, Work, and Life
By: Arthur Zhang

Legal notice
This book is copyright (c) 2017 by Arthur Zhang. All rights are reserved.
This book may not be duplicated or copied, either in whole or in part, via
any means including any electronic form of duplication such as recording or
transcription. The contents of this book may not be transmitted, stored in
any retrieval system, or copied in any other manner regardless of whether
use is public or private without express prior permission of the publisher.
This book provides information only. The author does not offer any specific
advice, including medical advice, nor does the author suggest the reader or
any other person engage in any particular course of conduct in any specific
situation. This book is not intended to be used as a substitute for any
professional advice, medical or of any other variety. The reader accepts sole
responsibility for how he or she uses the information contained in this book.
Under no circumstances will the publisher or the author be held liable for
damages of any kind arising either directly or indirectly from any
information contained in this book.

Table of Contents

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