Cv/ Job Interview Circle the correct answer: (10)

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CV/ Job Interview

  1. Circle the correct answer: (10)

  1. He is studying in a

a) Training placement b) Training period c) Training center

  1. He can speak

a) Some German b) Very German c) Well German

  1. There are several in this department.

a) Vacancy b) Vacances c) Vacancies

  1. I am experienced and will bring my

a) How-know b) Know-how c) How-do

  1. My lasted one month.

a) Training school b) Training period c) Training center

  1. I lost my

a) Driving licence b) Drivers license c) Drive license

  1. You should apply this position.

a) To b) For c) About

  1. Do you speak English ?

a) Currently b) Fluent c) Fluently

  1. I am

a) Computer good b) Computer literate c) Computer well

  1. Arabic is my

a) Mother tongue b) Native mother c) Language mother

  1. Find synonyms for the underlined words/ phrases: (10)

  1. I am able to speak two languages.

  1. Please find attached my CV and cover letter.

  1. She is in charge of many departments at work.

  1. They are all interviewing for the same job.

  1. We are sorry for the delay.

  1. He’s free on Tuesday.

  1. Don’t forget to bring your résumé to your job interview!

  1. Arabic is my mother tongue.

  1. She is good with computers.

  1. Outside of work, he has many interests.

  1. Find the missing questions to this job interview :

I can be somewhat obstinate, talkative and a bit susceptible sometimes. But it never lasts: one needs to be open-minded to be able to do and be their best.

Of course. I recently graduated in transports and logistics. Before that, I passed the equivalent of the A-Level exam, specialized in accounting.

Well, I would start by saying that I am willing and eager to learn as well as improve my know-how. I am not afraid of challenges as on the contrary I found them to be stimulating. I am dedicated to my work and you would not regret your decision should you choose to hire me.

Yes, I am fluent in both English and Italian. I speak some Russian as well.

I have a clean driving licence and my own car.

As much as I like my current employment, I think it is time for me to move on as I do not feel challenged enough anymore. I wish to broaden my horizons and I believe your company can deliver on that aspect.

Currently, I am in charge of personnel. Also I handle scheduling and prepayment.

I love travelling: I just spent 2 weeks in Kiev and I practice sports such as hockey and deep-sea diving.

I came across your ad by chance actually: I read it over somebody’s shoulder in the bus and ran home to look it up on the internet.

Yes, thank you. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview for this vacancy. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a good day.

  1. Link British English to American English:

Internship CV Holiday Wage

A-Level Salary Redundant

High School diploma Driving licence Cell

Mobile Résumé Timetable

Schedule Work placement Legal holiday

Vacation Laid off Driver’s license

Bank holiday

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