China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ccpit) 2009 Preface

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Furniture Manufacturing Industry

  1. Beijing Qumei Furniture Group Corp., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Beijing Qumei Furniture Group Corp., Ltd. has become a large well established furniture group with design, manufacture and sale abilities during over 20 years development. It is now Vice-director Unit of Chinese Furniture Association and a leading enterprise of Chinese furniture industry. Qumei Group has many national honors such as China Famous Product, China Well-known Trademark, and China Environmental Labelling. Qumei products are environmental-friendly designated purchase units of government.

Qumei Furniture Group has hired over 3000 employees and had a total registered capital of over 85 million yuan. There are 3 furniture production bases which occupy 260,000 square meters. The warehouses cover 150,000 square meters. Qumei has established a wide marketing network in China and has over 600 retailing stores selling exclusive products, among which, over 40 stores are larger than 3000 square meters.

Qumei Group manufacture system owns 4 large bases and panel furniture production line and solid wood furniture production line of world-class. 80% of its equipment is imported from Germany and Italy and so on. It spent 20 million yuan to purchase solid wood bending furniture processing equipment and technology from Denmark. So far, Qumei is the only furniture enterprise with this technology and equipment in China, which has enriched the Chinese traditional furniture processing manner and ended the China's furniture industry situation without bending furniture manufacturing capacity. It has enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese bentwood furniture products in international market and made great contribution to China's furniture industry to go to the world.

      1. Zhejiang SUNON Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang SUNON Group Co., Ltd. is a business group mainly engaged in furniture R & D, production and sales. It is comprised of four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Zhejiang SUNON Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang SUNON Home Furniture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang SUNON Real Estates Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong SUNON Co., Ltd. as well as many branches all over China.

Zhejiang SUNON Group Co., Ltd. is the one of the largest office furniture enterprise in current China. Its office and production base cover more than 150,000 square meters. First class mechanized production equipment from Germany and Italy is adopted in full set. The registered capital is US$ 15.5 million. SUNON has over 430 talents in management, marketing and technology, accounting for over 20% of all employees. It has become the largest and most powerful office furniture enterprise in East China with leading R & D and production capacity and sales volume in domestic office furniture industry. The company has paid close attention to product quality management. It has passed ISO90012000 Quality Management System Certification and ISO140012004 Environmental Management System Certification. SUNON cooperates with many famous Italian design companies and furniture academies at home. Due to its insistence on original design, SUNON has developed many new products and won design gold medals in top international furniture exhibition in Asia for many times.

The company had its trademark SUNON registered in 1998. In 2003, it was selected as the Vice-president of Zhejiang Furniture Association and in 2004 as the Vice-President of China National Furniture Association. It won the titles such as Zhejiang Famous Product and Zhejiang Famous Trademarks in succession. In 2006, it became the first patent model enterprises in Zhejiang, technology center of Hangzhou city and office furniture designated purchase units of central authorities and governments. In March 2007, it reaped a laurel of China Famous Trademark.

SUNON insists on an operation concept of Work Is Leisure. It follows the design ideas of Humanization, Intelligence, Standardization, and Systematization. SUNON is dedicated to R & D of Green Environment-friendly Furniture. All its products are developed independently, most of which have obtained national patent. Many have won gold medals in various domestic furniture exhibitions.

      1. Dalian Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd.

Dalian Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern furniture manufacturer with 50 years’ history and high reputation in the world furniture industry. The company covers a total area of 6 square kilometers and a building area of 2 million square meters. It owns 20 factories and 12,000 employees with an output capacity of 4 million sets (pieces) of Huafeng furniture. The products vary in tens of thousands of types for living room, dining room, bedroom and office and so on. More than ten new products are developed every day. Huafeng products are marketed widely in China and Japan and USA. In 2007, Huafeng generated an output value of 2.5 billion yuan, sales revenue of 2.3 billion yuan, a foreign income of US$150 million and tax of 300 million yuan. Its sales revenue, tax and export volume ranked first in China’s furniture industry.

Dalian Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd. ranks first in top 100 Chinese furniture enterprises and top 10 enterprises of the best profits. Huafeng won the title of The First Brand of Furniture Industry, Recommended Product by China Consumers’ Association and China Key Brand with Reliable Quality for Environment-friendly Products. Dalian Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001 Management System Certification in 2002. In 2004, Huafeng was regarded as China Famous Trademark by State Bureau of Trademark. In 2006, it was regarded as China Famous Product by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China. Dalian Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is accepted as the first brand in China’s furniture industry.

The company has won the titles of Dalian Major Taxpayer, Star Enterprise in Liaoning, Chinese Excellent Township Enterprise, and Unit of Credit on Abiding by Contract of the State in succession. The General Manager has reaped the laurels of Dalian Praiseworthy Township Entrepreneur, Liaoning Excellent Entrepreneur, China Township Entrepreneur, Model Worker in Zhuanghe City, Dalian City, Liaoning. In 2005 he became a Model Worker awarded by State Council.

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