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Arts & Crafts Products Manufacturing

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Arts & Crafts Products Manufacturing

  1. China National Arts & Grafts (Group) Cooperation

Established in 1970s, China National Arts & Grafts (Group) Cooperation, is a leading enterprise in China Arts & Crafts industry with expeirence of scores and one of the 166 state-owned big enterprises managed by the State Asset Management Committee under the State Council. It is the only state-owned arts & crafts culture industry in China and the world largest comprehensive arts & crafts enterprise. China National Arts & Grafts (Group) Cooperation has made full use of state-owned capital as the main channel and industry leader in this area. As a member of board of director council of China Art & crafts Association, it plays comprehensive functions of industrial planning, guidance, international organ representative, export driver, and regulating and organizing the market and so on.

The Group has adopted a series of reform measures to conduct structure adjustment and operation reorganization with great effort. As a result, the Group headquater has become the investment management center, financial center and human resource center of the Group, while the second-class companies become the profitable centers of the Grup. At present, the Group has 19 wholly-owned, holding and jointly stock enterprises distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hebei etc. and branches in the USA and Hong Kong. China National Arts & crafts (Group) Cooperation is mainly engaged in R & D, service, trade with arts and crafts raw materials and products as the leading position, commercial real state development and property management etc. By the end of 2005, the total asset of the group reached 3.217 billion yuan; the sales turnover stood at RMB 8.469 billion; the total profit was RMB 176.62 million.

    1. Other Sectors

      1. China National Light Industry Corporation

China National Light Industry Corporation is a central government enterprise under State Property Management Commission of the State Council, reorganized from three central government enterprises including former China National Light Industry Corporation, China Haisum International Engineering Investment Academy, China Light Industrial Corporation for Foreign Economic & Technical Co-operation upon the approval by State Council at the end of 2008. The business scope of China National Light Industry Corporation covers: development and application of light industrial raw materials and products; light industry and relevant projects outsourcing, planning, consultancy, designing, construction, supervision, and technology service at home and abroad; R & D, manufacturing, marketing, and service of light equipment; international economic and labor cooperation, import & export, exhibition and industry investment. Headquatered in Beijing, it has established more than one hundred subsidiaries and branches in over 20 large and medium-sized cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Xi’an, Chengdu, Nanning, Xiamen, Dalian, and Ningbo. It develops overseas business in over 20 countries and regions including Japan, Vietnam, Mali, Guyana, Algeria, and Morocco. China National Light Industry Corporation gathers the most advanced technology and the best talents in light industry. Professional technologists account for 2/3. It boasts the largest consultancy design company which took the lead to get listed, 4 national-class research institutes, and 24 research, inspection, standard and information centers. It has accomplished more than 3100 various national class research projects, consultancy, design and outsourcing of more than 10,000 large and medium light industry and relevant projects. It has won over 1700 national and above-provincial technology prizes and obtained over 110 authorized patents. China National Light Industry Corporation is base for sci-tech innovation and promotion in light industry especially in key paper-making, food, daily chemicals, leather and a leading enterprise in areas of light industry, science research, project service, light industry raw materials trade and foreign economic cooperation and so on.
      1. China National Salt Industry Corporation

Established in 1950, China National Salt Industry Corporation is a large national enterprise under State Property Management Commission of the State Council. In 2006, it achieved its first step target in advance and formed a harmonious development situation of salt monopoly, salt-making chemical engineering and emerging business. Its asset size stood at over 26 billion yuan; salt output exceeded 12 million tons; salt chemical products exceeded 1.5 million tons. It became the first salt enterprise in Asia by providing salt directly to 410 million Chinese people, covering 36% of national area. The corporation owns 40 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries distributed in 22 provinces and cities with more than 40,000 employees. It is on the list of China Top 500 Enterprises and China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises. Along with accelerating development, the corporation persists to put emphasis on the promotion of two cultural constructions. It has won honors of Central State Organ Models and Capital Civilized Unit for 12 consecutive years. In 2008, it won the title of National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction for the first time.

Chapter 8 Feature Towns of Light Industry in China

8.1 The Famous Classic Furniture Town in China-Sanxiang, Guangdong

Classic furniture industry is the competitive industry in Sanxiang. The town ranks first in antique furniture scale and American and European classical style color paint furniture scale in China furniture market. Sanxiang is well-known in the world as the largest distributing center of Ming & Qing antique furniture in China. The enterprise group there involving in American and European classical style color paint furniture enjoys the highest reputation and the strongest overall power in the industry all around the world.

Sanxiang antique furniture market is mainly located in Guhe Village and Qianlong Village. At present, specialized traditional culture market of scale include Huge Dragon Antique City, Zhongshan Huacai Antique City and Sanlian Ming & Qing Antique Furniture Market. Sanxiang antique market has a large capacity. The annual production value of antique furniture, archaized furniture and American and European classical style furniture exceeds RMB 3 billion. Thousands of merchants trade ten thousand of goods in a store area of more than 200,000 m². There are also more than 300 antique furniture factories and workshops. The market scale and the merchants are growing up continually. The furniture industry in Sanxiang is developing towards production model along with the enterprise scale gradually enlarged.

There are about 20 strong manufacturers of American and European classical style furniture in Sanxiang. With great production and design capacity, each of them can monthly export ten to hundreds cargo boxes of furniture, which ranks high and medium grade in the world. In spite of their strong competitiveness, they are not famous because they manufacture original furniture for international brands. However, they currently consider creating their own brands and exploring domestic market since foreign countries conduct anti-dumping policy and China has adjusted export policy. The town government decides to improve the occasion, making use of advantages and guide the industry to take a step.

In terms of supporting industrial development, Sanxiang government plans to reallocate resources. According to industry special project, four miles road section from Guhe to Qianlong will develop into a classical furniture mall, while the frontage shops will become specialized show market of classical furniture. Relevant preferential policies will be issued to attract classical furniture manufacturers and merchants to make Sanxiang a large and featured specialized market and production processing base. The town government aims at creating "The famous classic furniture town in China" and building up a higher platform and adds new vitality for industrial development. It is targeted to integrate, package and promote classical furniture industry, to promote Sanxiang as the famous classic furniture town in China and the make classical furniture industry a pillar industry for future Sanxiang.

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