Chiawana Bulletin Announcements

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Chiawana Bulletin Announcements

December 1, 2016

  • Attention Seniors: The 17th Annual Pasco School District Enterprise Program will be held November 28th through December 2, 2016. This is the full week after Thanksgiving.  Enterprise is a partnership with local businesses, Pasco School District and Washington Business Week. This program provides experience with the business world from industry experts who share business principles and knowledge. Students are formed into small companies where they create a new product and operate a business using a computer business simulation. Each student company is partnered with a Tri-City business professional or community member.

Seniors: Some important reminders about Enterprise week, which begins on the Monday after we return from Thanksgiving Break.


  • The policy is that all Seniors take the bus to Enterprise.  Seniors are not allowed to drive themselves.


  • Buses will begin leaving CHS beginning at 7:25 and will run until 7:40.  Please arrive to the flagpole and you will be assisted with finding the correct buses.



  • Also, look for posters in the hallways on Tuesday with information about which company students are assigned to.

  • Chiawana Stage Company will be holding auditions for their winter show, “The Hobbit”, December 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th, from 3:45-5:30 pm in the Black Box Theatre.

  • As you all may know ID badges are no longer required to be worn but they do need to be presented when asked to present them. With that being said, on Friday’s we will be checking to make sure you are carrying an ID badge with you all day a second time. So please make sure you have your badges handy everyday and at all times!

  • Chess club meets Friday’s at 2:40pm in room M1030.

  • Students, if you are looking for some extra time to get those assignments done, Saturday school has started. Classes to work on include English, Math, Science, History and P.E.  Busses are available for those who need transportation to and from school. The dates for this semester are December 3rd, 10th, 17th, January 7th and 14th. If you have any questions regarding Saturday school please go to your wing office. If you need to be picked up at either the Kahlotus Highway or Edwin Markham stops, there are some special instructions for that: Kahlotus Highway (Martindale Rd @ Moore Rd) stop – student needs to tell their Wing Administrator or SAS they need to be picked up by the Friday before. The bus does not make that stop unless transportation is notified by Friday because of how far away it is. The Wing Administrator or SAS will then notify Ms. Laurine Carey in the B Wing office to make the call to Transportation. Edwin Markham stop – the student needs to tell Omar Farias (SAS), Office 1203 asap.

  • Here’s a reminder for those interested in auditioning for the Multicultural Festival. Auditions are December 5th and 9th during Hawk Time and after school from 2:45pm-3:45pm in the Leadership Room.  If you cannot make one of these times, don’t worry!  We will have second auditions January 24th and 25th during Hawk Time and after school from 2:45pm-3:45pm.

  • International Club meetings have changed to Mondays at 3:10pm in Mr. Hudson’s room D2009. Officers come right after school for Officer Meeting.

  • It’s not too late to join Speech and Debate! Practices started last week so let’s get another winning year rolling; come to F1220 after school, every day except Wednesdays.

  • The 8th annual Toys 4 Tots drive kicks off soon. From November 28th to December 16th, leadership will collect toys from seventh hour classes. Your teachers will receive the email with the brackets needed to win the contest. Books are worth 1-2 points, small toys are worth 3 points, and big toys are worth 5 points. The 7th hour classes that earn the most points will get a hot chocolate and cookie party. The toys must be brand new and unopened.

  • Are you a gamer?  So are we!  Do you play RPGs, card games, board games, and video games?  So do we!  Come to meet new people, learn new games, play some oldies but goodies, and have a great time. The Game ‘N Tech club would like to thank Drew, of Adventures Underground, for schooling us in a tournament of Magic:  The Gathering.  All props to Drew.  He has earned bragging rights.  If you are interested in having fun, feel free to join us on Thursdays, after school, in room B2060. Speaking of bragging rights, congratulations to Sebastian Alcaraz, Super Smash Bros champion of CHS.  He’s earned bragging rights.

  • Have any unwanted clothing cluttering up your closets?  If so, please donate them to the A.U.C. Clothing Drive to benefit the Pasco Union Gospel Mission.  Boxes are located outside of Student Services.

  • All branches of military will be requesting contact information for Juniors and Seniors. If you wish to opt out, please go to Student Services and add your name to the opt out list.

  • Art Club has started and runs from 2:40pm-4:00pm in Mr. Merrick’s room A1132. Art Club welcomes al levels of art and photography students to join. Mr. Eads and Mr. Merrick can be contacted for further information.

  • “Unashamed” meets at both lunches in Mrs. Leighty’s room, to the left of the Credit Union. Come join us! This year, we will focus on a different issues that today's teens experience every week. Everyone's invited.

  • Chiawana!  There’s a new tradition starting, Chiawana Memory Wall.  Take a picture at any Chiawana event and add #ChiawanaMemoryWall.  The Leadership team will print your appropriate pictures and post them on the wall located outside of the library.  Leadership will be taking pictures from Twitter and Instagram.  If you don’t have those social media accounts, you can drop off your printed pictures to the Student Activity Center across from Security.  We look forward to seeing all of your memories!

  • It’s almost that time of the year, that means WINTER WISHES is near! If you know of anyone who is in desperate need of a sweater, shoes, gloves, etc.  and maybe they can’t afford it, this is the opportunity to fill out a wish form and turn it in! It can be anything! Winter wish forms will be available in lower wing offices. Forms will be done through December 3rd. Make sure you have the persons first and last name of whom you’d like to make that wish for!

  • Do you want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? If so, join us on Tuesdays after school (2:45pm-4:00pm) in room D2005.  Learn to cube, get faster, and compete against other cubers! Cube Club is hosting a Rubiks Cube Mock-Competition.  Come compete, or just watch while listening to some ‘beast’ music. 

  • MECha (mecha…not meka…me-ch-a) LOL!!! MEChA or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanos de Aztlan is meeting Tuesday’s at 2:45pm-3:30pm in room M1032. Join us in promoting higher education, culture and historia. Stay connected with by texting 81010 message @mecha-2015. See you Tuesday!

  • On December 7th, leadership is hosting a movie night. They’re showing Jim Carey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The movie starts at 6:30pm. The price to get in is $5 or a toy.

  • We will have another informational meeting for Senior Boys running for Mr. Riverhawk on Tuesday, December, 13th during Hawk Time in the Leadership Room.

  • New sweatshirts are for sale from any Advanced Leadership student. Crewnecks  are $20 each and Hoodies are $25 each. Sizes are adult Small-2XL. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me and I will send a student to you!

  • Cocoa Café is coming soon!! Please, if you would like to audition come to one of the three audition dates. Cocoa café will be holding auditions on January 10th, 12th, and 13th, on the 10th audition will be held in the leadership/activity room at Hawk Time, on the 12th the auditions will be held in the choir room after school, and on the 13th the auditions will be held in the band room after school. Please bring your unique talent! Thank you! Cocoa Café Committee.

  • The Flight Crew Dance team will be selling Chiawana scarves (similar to “soccer” scarves that are very in right now).  They are the perfect spirit item for watching outdoor fall sports; each scarf is $20.00.  If you are interested in a scarf please ask one of the dancers or Ms. Callahan and will make sure a dancer comes to find you.  We will also be selling them at the home football games.

  • The Talon Room is open for GEAR UP tutoring.  Please come see us! We are located in the upper south D wing. We open every day from 7:15am-7:50 am for A.M. Tutoring; Monday-Wednesday 2:35pm-5:00pm, Thursdays 2:00pm-5:00pm, and on Fridays 2:35-4:00pm. GEAR UP will NO longer be tutoring during Hawktime in the Talon Room.  We will ONLY be working with students that want to find Scholarship monies, apply for college, college research, financial aid awareness, personal statements or any and all college stuff!

  • Bigtime announcement for all Hawksquad members!! We have started a new contest where 30 dedicated Hawksquad members will be going on an all expense paid trip to Seattle to take in a Seattle Sounders game and go down on the field beforehand to meet the players and tour the stadium! The students will be excused from class all day to go! Everything will be paid for!

  • How do you get to take part in this trip

  • Be a hawksquad member.

  • Get a stamp card from Mr. Jonas in his room C1034

  • Go to Varsity games, stand and cheer and you will get a stamp from administrators and others. (you have to be standing and cheering to get a stamp).

  • The 30 members who get the most stamps will go on the trip!  The contest runs until the Spring.

  • Any questions – see Mr. Jonas in room C1034


Friday, December 2nd

4:00pm BBB FR vs Lewiston @ Lewiston

     5:30pm BBB JV vs Lewiston @ Lewiston

     7:00pm BBB V zvs Lewiston @  Lewiston


Saturday, December 3rd

2:00pm BBB C vs  Sunnyside @ CHS

3:30pm GBBN/BBBFR vs Sunnyside @ CHS

5:30pm BBB JV vs Sunnyside @ CHS

5:45pm GBB V vs Sunnyside @ CHS

7:00pm  GBB JV vs Sunnyside @ CHS

7:30pm BBB V vs  Sunnyside @ CHS

10:00am WR V/JV/C/Girls vs Bob Mars Invite @ Kennewick

For all girls that are not participating in a winter sport, your winter conditioning started Monday, November 28th. Conditioning is Monday thru Thursday from 3:00-4:30pm. Meet Mr. Antonovich in the training room for the workout. If you are not playing a sport, you are expected to be at conditioning to prepare for the upcoming season.

Attention Athletes:  The weight room will be open after school.  All out of season athletes are encouraged to attend.  You must be registered in a sport through family ID.

Attention Wrestlers:  Our after school weight training program has started. This will run every Monday-Thursday from 2:45-4:45.  If you are not in a fall sport, you are expected to be there.  If you have questions, talk to coach Anderson. 

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