Camp Information cost: $125. 00 Insurance

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Camp Information
COST: $125.00

Each participant is responsible for his or her own Health and Accident Insurance. The Youth Sports Camp is NOT responsible for any medical or dental charges.

Brian Bliese – Camp Director is in his seventeenth year at Beloit College. Bliese serves as the Head Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Coach and Cross Country Coordinator. A Milton resident, Bliese has over 35+ years of coaching / administrative experience at the collegiate level. Numerous of his current-past athletes serve as camp counselors
Stephanie Marsh – Asst. Camp Director is joining Youth Sports Camp after a stellar athletic career at Beloit College as a Buccaneer – graduating class of 2008. She is a teacher and the Girl’s Track Coach at Hononegah High School.
Dave EckburgHead Staff Member is an original member of the Sports Camp staff. He teaches Art at South Beloit High School and is the Head Cross Country Coach at Beloit College.
Kevin Schober – Asst. Camp Director is the Head Swimming & Diving Coach and Aquatic Director at Beloit College.



  • Five full days (35 hours) of fun with sports-related activities.

  • Use of all recreational facilities.

  • Camp t-shirt.



  • Camp will be held at the Beloit College Sports Center and the surrounding campus area.

  • Campers will have the option of either bringing their own lunch or buying their lunch at the college cafeteria. The cost for lunch at the cafeteria will be $40 for the week,$8 per day..

  • Each day, campers will swim at the Beloit College Pool which will be staffed by a certified lifeguard. Each camper will need a towel and swimsuit.

  • For further information contact:

Brian Bliese at (608) 363-2235

The Facilities
We will use the basketball and volleyball courts, indoor field house, pool, tennis and racquetball courts, and outdoor athletic fields.
Camp Schedule
The camp is held Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The schedule of activities will vary except for lunch and rest periods which will stay consistent throughout the week.
Camp Philosophy
The objective of our camp is to create a fun atmosphere and expose children to a wide variety of sport activities.
Parents are welcome to observe at any time.

Registration Form
Mail to: Brian Bliese - YSC

Beloit College Athletics

700 College Street

Beloit, WI 53511

Enclosed is my payment in full of $125.00

Enclosed is my payment of $40.00 for the campus meal plan.
Make checks payable to “Youth Sports Camp.”
Sign-up early. Enrollment will be capped.
Camper’s Name _______________________



Zip Phone


Email _________________________________

Work Phone


Age T-shirt size: (Please circle) Child: S / M / L or Adult: S / M / L / XL
Parent's Statement: My child has permission to attend the Youth Sports Camp. I certify that within the past two years he/she has had a physical examination and is physically able to participate in camp activities without restrictions. In the event of illness or injury, I give my consent for medical treatment and permission to the attending physician to hospitalize, secure proper treatment and order injections, anesthesia or surgery. I will be responsible for any medical or other charges in connection with my child's attendance at the camp.
Insurance Carrier
Policy Number _____________________________
Drop-off and Pick-up:
834 College St.
From Park Ave., travel west on Emerson St. Turn right on College Street. The drop-off and pick-up area will be between the 1st and 2nd house on your left. Please note that College Street is a one-way street.




at Beloit College

July 17 – July 21
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
For Boys and Girls Ages 6-15
Beloit College Sports Center

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