Channel 3 Camp for Kids / Andover, ct

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Channel 3 Camp for Kids / Andover, CT


Offering Traditional Overnight Summer Camp, Summer Day Camp, School Vacation Camps


Camp Hemlocks / Hebron, CT


Camp Harkness / Waterford, CT


Camp Horizons / South Windham, CT


Charm Medical Supply / Manchester, CT


STRETCH – Pediatric Therapy and Creative Movement Studio / Cromwell, CT

Offering inclusive summer camp programs, physical therapy, yoga for children of all abilities and more.


Ability Beyond


 Program Builders


 Miracle League of CT


  Hopewell Health Solutions


Infinity Music Therapy


 East Hartford Parks and Recreation

Including Camp Sunburst for children with special needs ages 6-21


Wethersfield Parks and Recreation

Including camp and recreation opportunities for individuals with special needs


 Friendship Circle


Ryan Martin Foundation

Wheelchair Basketball Camp / Windsor, CT



Glastonbury Parks and Recreation / Glastonbury, CT

Offering Camp Sunrise, and several other recreation opportunities


 Camp Nerden / Middlefield, CT

FREE camp for individuals with disabilities.



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