Waterford Township Supervisors Regular Business Meeting Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Waterford Township Supervisors

Regular Business Meeting

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Waterford Township was held on March 2, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Waterford Township Municipal Building. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Chairman Coffin presided, with Supervisors Stull and Malinowski in attendance. Also present were Roadmaster Kevin Cromwell, Secretary Wendy Burbules, Marilyn Evans, Larry Thompson, Ben Green III, Pam Green, Brittney Green, Ben Green IV, Stacy Green, Mike Crocker, Nathan Moore, Beverly Moore, Katie Chesley, Ben Green V, Kirk Thompson and Flory Kondzielski.


Ben Green - 13707 Haugh Rd.  He’s been here for 58 years. Then Haugh Road was 2 tracks and a strip of grass down the middle and Old Wattsburg Road was dirt.  Now both roads have more houses and even more traffic.  He tried to do something about the intersection of Old Wattsburg and Haugh Road a while ago but didn’t get very far.  A couple weeks ago he tried to pull out from Haugh heading left onto Old Wattsburg.  It is totally blind. He rolled his window down and tried to listen for any cars coming. Just as he was getting ready to pull out, a little Ford going about 70 flew by him.  If he had pulled out there would have been no way to avoid a collision and it would have been Mr. Green’s fault because he had the stop sign.  You’re totally blind pulling out there.  When the road is graded and it rains, the right side gets washed out.  If you go to the right, you have to go a little on the wrong side of the road. Mr. Green then presented a drawing of a proposed solution to the supervisors.  Mr. Crocker owns the property on the one side of the road.  If the Township would move the road 50 feet onto Mr. Crocker’s land it would eliminate the problem and you would be able to see traffic coming from both directions.  He is more than willing to let the Township use this part of his property.  The state wouldn’t have to be involved because it doesn't change anything on Old Wattsburg Road.  It's only a matter of time before someone is killed there. The school bus can’t see to pull out.  Brenda, the bus driver, wanted to be here but couldn’t make it. The only time it’s safe is at night when oncoming cars have their headlights on.  Even if cars are going the speed limit on Old Wattsburg there is no time to get out of the way.  The neighborhood is currently using Mr. Crocker’s driveway to avoid the intersection.    One resident was sued because he pulled out with a trailer and a motorcycle hit him.  There are 30 some people on that road now.  

Bruce knows the intersection and agrees.  He remembers reading about it in past minutes but didn’t see what the Township did about it.  Mrs. Green spoke to PennDot about the issue in the past.  They will help but the Township has to come to them to ask.  Dr. Moore mentioned that everyone there has a similar story to tell. They all have kids that are driving and it’s one more thing to worry about. It’s a dangerous intersection.  Bruce agrees.  Mr. Crocker stated he doesn’t mind using his property to make the improvements. He has seen several bad wrecks there.  Jack would like everyone to put their comments and concerns in a letter.   Then we have something to present to PennDot.  Jack said it is up to the Township to do something.  Bruce is going to have Kevin look into this and talk to PennDot about it.  Then we will keep everyone informed as to the progress. Kevin says the property issue is the biggest problem and that seems resolved.  


Motion to approve the February 17, 2016 minutes made by Jack, seconded by Tim. Motion carried 3/0.

Kevin received the contract for the Trask Road dirt and gravel project.  Conservation will pay $44,000 in DSA for the first 2500 feet starting on Bagdad Road down Trask Road. It will cover the 2 bridges over Trout Run.  We need to sign and return it.  We’ll get 50% of funds, then the rest at the end of the project.

Motion by Jack to approve the Dirt and Gravel Road Program contract for Trask Road. Seconded by Tim. Motion carried 3/0.
There were some minor wash outs from the heavy rain and ice dams.  They’ve been taken care of.  There was a mine safety course here for a couple days last week.  It helps with our insurances using other gravel pits.  They continue to work on replacing stop signs.    They’ve patched a few holes with 411 when they could.  The roads are starting to soften up.  We try to stay off them as much as we can.

The one ton was in for inspection; Steveo’s says the frame is bad in some critical areas.  Kevin took it to Rt. 97 Auto; they thought it’d be a couple thousand dollars to fix.  We would also need about $700 for inspection; needs front end parts.  

Kevin brought up the rules for bidding the seal coat with the other municipalities and what roads needed done this year.  It needs to be turned in by Friday to be included with the bid. It ends up being such a big order so they get good savings.  We split the advertising costs with the participating municipalities.  Jack mentioned it’s about a 15% savings.  Paul Burroughs asked if it was an intergovernmental agreement between the municiaplites or if it was a mass bid.  Kevin said it was a mass bid.  Paul mentioned the Township wouldn’t need an ordinance for a mass bid.

Tim asked if this was to double coat or triple coat.  Kevin said it was only to single coat existing roads. Kevin will submit the double coat also to see if another municipality is looking for that too.  That will be an option to add; the Township won’t be committed to that purchase.   

Motion by Bruce to get into this Multi Municipal Bid for Seal Coat and include the option.   Seconded by Jack.  Motion carried 3/0.

Marilyn sent two complaint letters to different families on Seroka Road. She hasn’t heard back from either of them. She will drive out with Kevin to see if it’s been resolved. She gave them 30 days. Hearing date has been set for McCalls’ appeal, it’s March 22, 2016, 7:00 at the Township building.

Paul didn’t have anything to discuss. Bruce would like him to look into the Haugh Road / Old Wattsburg Road issue.  

Motion by Jack to proceed with having Attorney Burroughs look into the Haugh Road problem.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion carried.  3/0



One ton truck – Jack had Kenny Miller look at it but he hasn’t heard back from him yet. Kevin took it to Rt. 97 Auto to have them look at welding the frame. Jack doesn’t see putting another $3000 into it. Bruce doesn’t feel it’s safe to drive with cold patch in it. He thinks we should list it on Craigslist and accept bids. He’d like Kevin and Wendy to work on advertising it and see what is required by PSATS. Jack believes it has to be advertised in the paper first. Kevin thinks it would be good for parts; it just has too much rust.

Resolution 2016-01 - Waterford Township Supervisors hereby authorize Wendy Burbules, Secretary, Sharon Risjan, Treasurer, and Supervisor Tim Malinowski, Supervisor John R. Stull, or Chairman Bruce C. Coffin, as cosigners, to sign for any Pioneer Pension Plan correspondence or actions needed on the Pension Plan. The signatures of Wendy Burbules or Sharon Risjan and either Supervisor Malinowski, Supervisor Stull or Chairman Coffin are required.
Motion by Jack to adopt Resolution 2016-01 authorizing Wendy Burbules, Secretary, Sharon Risjan, Treasurer, and Supervisor Tim Malinowski, Supervisor John R. Stull, or Chairman Bruce C. Coffin, as cosigners, to sign for any Pioneer Pension Plan correspondence or actions needed on the Pension Plan. Seconded by Bruce. Motion carried 3/0 .

Library Donation 2016 – Bruce stated that he would like to donate $1000 to the Library, as the Township has done the past 2 years. Jack would like to give them more than $2000. He believes it is an asset to the community as is used by many people locally.
Motion by Bruce to donate $1000 to the Waterford Public Library for 2016. Seconded by Tim. Motion carried 2 /1. Jack is opposed.

Zoning Hearing Board Secretary – Rob Papesch was appointed the Zoning Hearing Board Secretary at the reorganization meeting. Usually the Township Secretary is appointed.
Motion by Jack to appoint Wendy Burbules as the Waterford Township Zoning Hearing Board Secretary. Seconded by Tim Motion. carried 3/0.

Secretary Hours – Jack would like to see Wendy paid for the hours she wasn’t able to work last Monday due to a Mining Safety Corse held in the office.
Motion by Jack to pay Wendy for the 3 hours missed last Monday. Seconded by Tim. Motion carried 3/0.

Motion by Jack to pay bills, seconded by Tim. Motion carried 3/0.

060594 ADP Employee Ins. Reimbursement $157.66
060595 ADP Employee Ins. Reimbursement 157.66


The motion to adjourn at 7:44 p.m. was made by Jack, seconded by Tim. Motion carried 3/0.

Approved: Respectfully Submitted:

Bruce C. Coffin Date Wendy Burbules

Chairman, Board of Supervisors Secretary

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