Bcssgba annual general meeting

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Capilano University, North Vancouver
ATTACHED DOCUMENTS: ‘A’ AGM minutes and ‘AA’ AGM minutes
ATTENDANCE: N. Brown-Brookswood/AAA Rep, D.Prissinotti-YorkHouse/AA Rep, B.Westcott-Spectrum/President,

1. Call to order 4:10

2 Explanation of voting procedure by Westcott

3. Adoption of the 2011 Minutes: Moved Westcott 2nd brown adoption of the minutes Carried

4. Additions to the agenda. Moved Westcott 2nd Prissinotti Carried

  • Draw times

  • Polls

5. Presidents Report – Westcott highlights the key points in his report. Moved Westcott 2nd Andersen Carried

6. Financial Report – prepared by our treasurer.

Missing sponsor money from Baden. Note: correction 2010 – 2011

7. Basketball BC – Ross Tomlinson – changes to Basketball BC programs.

  • U17/U16/U15/U14 with expanded team rosters.

  • Now a Western Canadian Championship

  • BC Summer Games for U14 level

  • U15/U17 Nationals

  • Development camps in April…see website.

8. AAA Tournament Report – Les Hamaguchi

  • Website issues

  • Wednesday attendance was better than usual. Thursday attendance was good.

  • Last year ended with a slight deficit – this year looks OK.

  • Excellent pre-sale of clothing.

  • SportstvCanada does hurt the gate locally, it is a great opportunity for people all over BC.

  • Banquet was very good.

9. BC High School Allstar Game

  • hosted by UBC on Saturday, April 21

  • Game times made earlier in the day to avoid conflict with Basketball BC Awards Banquet.

10. AA and A Meeting Minutes:

  • The boys high school basketball association will try to go 4 tiers

  • BCSSGBA exec will contact the BCHS boys association to voice our concerns over the AA

  • Kamloops would like an extension for AA girls up to including 2016

11. New Business

  • 2013 AAA BC Championship will be at the Langley Events Center. May be a conflict with the Jr. tournament. BCSS does not recognize the Jr. BC’s. If Jr.’s go a week sooner, this would affect Jr. Leagues all over BC. Discussion over the cots/benefits of running Sr & Jr the same time or if Jr tourn. runs the week prior.

  • TELUS sponsorship agreement – 3rd year.

  • TELUS scholarship program – 5 scholarships x $2,000 (a selection committee was formed) Discussion over too many applications per school. Ideally we would have schools filter and submit perhaps max of 2 applications only.

  • 2013 Playoff Dates. – A, AA, AAA on March 6-9

12. Other Business

  • BC Tournament Draw Times: Fairness must be priority one when setting game times. Concern over the fact Team A played at 11am while Team B played at 8:45…. Then these 2 teams meet on day 2. Amount of rest must be comparable.

Motion: Brown 2nd Prissinotti – As a guiding principle in setting the schedule, teams in the same quadrant must to back to back to ensure equitable rest between the two team who will play one another the next day. Carried

  • Future Draws – Discussion over future draws. Tabled to the BCSSGBA Executive.

  • Polls – how to make them better. Discussion of different ideas, philosophies such as weighting late Jan-Feb games more than Dec. early Jan games. How do we get teams to post their scores. Many teams scores are posted on their respective league websites but having a central location is key.

Moved Westcott 2nd Brown: First “OFFICIAL POLL” to be released Dec. 16 after enough games are played to determine an accurate ranking. Carried.

  • WEBSITE – need central place for scores to be posted. Not emailing to Wilson or anyone who we hope will post. DP to speak to webmaster to reconfigure the website to allow each coach to be able to enter / post their scores. Can be a challenge for outside coaches but if each coach has access to a password to get in, they can enter scores.

13. Election of Officers

Commissioner: J. Stannard

President: Brett Westcott

Vice President: Diana Chan

AAA Rep: Neil Brown

AA Rep: David Prissinotti

A: John Mill

Treasurer: Doug Pilatzke
Members at Large

Rob Kinear – Oak Bay – VI zone

Paul Langford – Riverside – FV zone

Jack Closkey – retired – Kootany zone

Frank Chan – Heritage – FV zone

Corey Yamaoka – South Kamloops – OK zone

Winston Brown – York House – LM zone
Moved: Westcott 2nd: Prissinotti Carried
14. Adjournment 5:45pm Moved: Westcott 2nd Brown

2012 Senior Girls ‘A’ Basketball Annual General Membership Meeting Friday, March 9, 2012 – Prince George, B.C. 8:30 A.M.
In attendance – Jay Gardner (Nakusp), Rob Robinson (Kelowna Christian), Tim Nusse (Valemount), Rob Marshall and Kirk McConnell (Princeton), Claude Leduc (Mulgrave), Arthur deLeeuw (Credo Christian), Bobbi Donison (St. John’s), Michelle Nederlof (Duncan Christian), Wendall Ewald (Houston Christian), Dean Haarstad (Fernie), Randy Strybos and Allan MacDonald (Cedars Christian), Suzanne Burck (Ft. St. James), John Stafford (Fraser Lake), Launa Gannon and Daryl Rodgers (Cedar Community), John Campbell (Immaculata), Paul Chiarenza (Southridge), John Mill (Fernie and BCSSGBA ‘A’ Rep)

Absent - Pemberton

  1. Call to order and attendance.

  2. Explanation of voting power and eligibility.

  3. Additions to agenda.

  4. Adoption of agenda. – Motion to adopt M: Rob Robinson S: Claude Leduc Passe

  5. 2010 AGM minutes - Motion to adopt. M: Tim Nusse S: Wendall Ewald Past

  6. President’s report – there was none submitted

  7. Financial report - presented

  8. Tournament report

  • Jim Costley, the tournament coordinator, thought that things were going well. There were a couple of glitches with the banquet (apologies to Valemount) and there seemed to be a lot of wasted food. This may lead them to having servers, rather than serving buffet style, next year.

  • Concerns were presented about getting rosters and pictures in early if you know that you will probably qualify. There were also some problems with the roster not matching with the picture in the program.

  • The webcasting started with some issues but it is now moving smoothly. Because the UNBC facility is wireless, there has not been the capability to live stream both courts.

  • There were problems with the clock and horn on the main court. Part of the issue was that they were not used to running the various clocks independently. Jim also said that they would add one more person to the scorer’s table next year to help things run more smoothly. Coaches thought that the scorer’s tables have been great.

  • Everybody has loved the coaches/officials room.

  • The teck crew had done a great job with the web page, Twitter account

  • The budget was discussed and Jim thanked Allan and randy, the host coaches for all of their hard work in lining up sponsorship. Tim Nusse pointed out that $400 for a tournament fee is not bad, considering what many of us now pay for weekend tournaments.

  1. Zone reports, concerns, etc.

  • Zone reps talked in general about club volleyball concerns. We are losing some very good athletes to volleyball during basketball season.

  • They were also concerned about the way the web page was run this year. Many scores and tournament results were not updated and it was difficult to keep track of teams.

  • North Central – Suzanne Burck will be the new zone rep. Tim will help her with the transition. There were 15 registered out of 18 possible schools. 13 competed throughout the season and 11 attended zones (131 zone games in total). There should be 11-13 teams competing next year with the zone tournament headed north of the Pine Pass. The zone strength should be similar to this year. Cedars and FSJ should be stronger with Valemount being weaker, while rebuilding teams will be a little further along.

  • Okanagan – There were 15 teams competing this season. There should be 13-15 teams next year. The zone will probably be stronger next season with Immaculata and Princeton being stronger and an improving Revelstoke team maybe returning to ‘A’ from ‘AA.’

  • Lower Mainland – there are 19 potential teams, with 12 being active this season. 9 teams participated at zones (a couple did not compete for religious reasons). The potential is for 14 teams next year with the strength about the same.

  • Fraser Valley – It is a small, but strong zone of 6 teams. The zone should be stronger next year with two teams looking to be improved for sure.

  • Vancouver Island – There were 8 registered and competing teams with 6 at the zone tournament. Next year it looks like maybe 10 or 11 competing teams. This depends on teams moving back and forth between ‘A’ and ‘AA’ due to enrollment. The zone strength should be similar to this year.

  • NW - There is a potential for 8 teams but only 4 competed. It should be the same next season but the strength of the zone should be a little lower.

  • Kootenay – There were 9 competing teams this season and 7 attended zones. There will be at least 9 teams next season. The overall strength of the zone should be higher, with Fernie and Nakusp being stronger and an up and coming team from Selkirk.

  1. A’ Coordinator’s report – presented and discussed.

  2. B.C. High School All-Star Game

  • Hosted by UBC on April 21, 2012. Any Grade 12’s who makes the 1st all-star team or is the MVP or Best Defensive Player will be invited.

  1. New Business.

    • Cross-Zone Invitational

  • Claude Leduc, the coordinator of the two tournaments, thanked the organizers at Ashcroft (Vicky Trill) and Credo Christian (Arthur deLeeuw) for their help.

  • There were a couple of glitches with a change in host and a couple of team cancellations. However, things did move pretty smoothly with these problems.

  • Princeton was agreed upon as a host site next season. The 2nd site has yet to be decided but Southridge and Credo are two possibilities.

  • It was agreed to look at the last weekend in January as a possible new date for the tournaments. If this does not work we will continue with the 2nd weekend in January.

  • Tim pointed out that travel distances are a consideration here as ½ of the teams in ‘A’ are in 85% of the area of the province.

  • Claude asked the zone reps to identify the projected top three teams in their area to help make a short list for invitations.

    • Berthing

  • The berthing formula has been a source of concern as the distribution of ‘A’ teams around the province has changed. There were also plenty of concerns expressed over the assignment of ½ berths and the travel that this can entail between neighbouring zones.

  • These issues led to a motion that coaches would like added to the rules and regulations in the ‘A’ berthing formula. This would be a preamble to help guide the coordinator and zone reps in the discussion of wildcard berths and provincial seeding.

    • The history and legacy of ‘A’ Girls Basketball has been based on the development and growth of schools actively participating in seasonal play. With that foundation,, the philosophy of the ‘A’ Girls Basketball Provincial Championships is to recognize and reward both zone size and strength. The Championship Tournament is not singularly a strength-based tournament. The above philosophy will be the guiding principle when Zone Representatives and the Provincial Representative examine berthing formulas, wildcard allocations and seeding for provincial tournaments for ‘A’ Girls Basketball. “Maximum Experience for the Maximum number of girls competing at the highest level of play.” M: Rob Robinson S: Tim Nusse Passed unanimously.

  • Berthing was further discussed and a new formula was moved.

    • Each of the seven zones is guaranteed one berth. There will also be berth designated for the host. A minimum of 9 registered and active teams entitles a zone to a second berth. The remaining berths will be designated wildcard berths and will be allocated keeping the above philosophy in mind. M: Claude Leduc S: Paul Chiarenza Passed

    • Registration – It was discussed briefly about how, with the new approved berthing formula, that zone reps keep a close look at team registrations and team activity.

  1. Zone reps and nominations to the BCSSGBA Executive.

    • Zone reps were confirmed (Suzanne Burck of Ft. St. James being introduced as the new North Central rep). John Mill was endorsed to remain as the ‘A’ representative on the BCSSGBA Executive.

  2. Adjournment. M: Dean Haarstad 10:40 A.M.


Friday, March 9, 2012 TCC, Kamloops, BC

1. Call to order. Time 9:12am
Attendance and introductions:

In attendance: Jody Vosper (Sa-Hali) / Brian Peters (AA Tournament Com) / Joel Ditson (Archbishop Carney) / Don Ridder (Abbottsford Christian) / Lonny Mazurak (Vernon) / Bobby (Vernon) / Nicole Mcrae (Wellington) / Rocky Vitale (Lambrick Park) / Sara Barrow (Charles Hayes) / Joey Vandevoorde (Lambrick Park) / Linda Bergstrom (Summerland) / MaryBeth Rutherford (Summerland) / Angela Aydon (STA) / Danian Botteselly (STA) / G Bittante (Holy Cross) / Lindsey Karpluk / Mike Evans (Britannia)
2. Explanation of voting power - who is eligible to vote?

- 1 vote per school. 1 vote per rep/member of the exec. No proxy votes

3. Any additions to the agenda?

1. Possibility / discussion of Job Action

2. Three year extension of the tournament in Kamloops

3. Proposals for the tournament

4. Saturday schedule for the tournament

Adoption of the agenda: Motion Vosper 2nd Rocky Carried

5. President’s Report

6. Financial Report – attached Have we received funds from Baden?

7. B. C. School Sports Report
8. AA Tournament Report – Brian Peters

The Boys 4 tier plan would greatly impact our tournament, possibly no AA teams in Kamloops. Concerns for girls AA tournament. Would like it to stay 3 tiers.

Motion: Rocky: Lonny 2nd: For the girls executive to contact the boys executive and share our concerns to let them know we want the boys to stay with the same 3 tier system. Carried unanimously.

Brian Peters: Proposing extension of tournament in Kamloops for 3 more years (until 2016)

Motion: Brian Peters: Extend for 3 more years Lonny 2nd. Carried unanimously

Program proposal: Invite teams to sell ads into the program (sponsoring their team with an ad on their team’s page)

Adjustment to the schedule. Motion: Brian: Joel 2nd : The boys final will be the last game of the tournament and the girls right before it. Carried unanimously.

There is a mistake in the program. If you lost your first game you are playing 9th.

Encourage teams to be at final ceremonies.

Motion: Rocky: 2nd Lonny. End tournament at an earlier time in future, perhaps teams can get home Sat. night. Carried unanimously

Any errors or additions in the program / tourn. History please email Brian Peters.

Concerns or issues with the tournament please email Brian and Lindsey.

John would like more games streamed for next year. We will try and make this happen.

9. Business Arising from any Zone Tournaments

STA: LM played 5 games in 5 days looking to start Zone tourney earlier. To address at LM coaches meeting in Feb. re: tournament format.

OK Team forfeiting zone tournament games. Will address at the Okanagan AGM.
10. Commission website: http://www.bcssgba.ca/

Send scores / info to Wilson Wong - wilson@bcssgba.ca

Post scores, tournaments, info
11. B. C. High-School All-Star Game

- Hosted at UBC – Saturday, April 21

- All day event with morning practice, lunch and game in the afternoon.

- Selection process. Grade 12 allstars, MVP, Best Def

- Coaches, please help with notification and confirmation of players
12. New Business

-2013 playoff dates - Zone Tournaments to end Feb 23

- WC games on Monday, Feb. 25

- AAA, AA, A BC’s– March 6-9, 2013

- 2012-13 key AA Tournament List:

  • December 20-22 Lambrick Park

  • Jan 9-12 Archbishop Carney, Wellington

  • Jan 16-19 Holy Cross

  • Jan 18/19 Sa-Hali, Britannia

  • Feb. 1-2 York House 26th St.

12. Other Business

1. Possibility of Job Action - out of our hands, deal with whatever happens

2. Three year extension of the tournament (done)

3. Proposals for the tournament (done)

4. Saturday schedule for the tournament (done)
13. Election of Officers for 2012-13 Season.

Any new zone reps? no

Any names for BCSSGBA Exec. no

AA Rep for the BCSSGBA Exec: D. Prissinotti

14. Adjournment: 10:05

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