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Background information

An academic library is a library which serves colleges and universities and there to afford resources and research needs based on students’ and teachers’ requirements. There are various reasons for students to use the library, while most visitors of academic libraries are attracted towards the services and facilities provided others are frequent visitors due to available resources. Several studies have been carried out internationally to find out the common services preferred by students. Many academic libraries can be found in Uzbekistan however limited research has been carried out about the services and facilities they offer.

Gradually specify

Literature review

The purposes to go to libraries

There have been many studies regarding what most students do in libraries. Many studies proved that the purposes of students are very different. In most cases, students’ main purpose for going to a library is borrowing books (Zorica and Ivanjko, 2010), (Thirumagal and Sathyabama, 2013). However, that is not the only reason for going to a library. While many students prefer taking books home, others also like staying in the library in order to use the resources. Studies carried out by Zorica and Ivanjko, 2010 and Thirumagal and Sathyabama, 2013 had similar results in terms of the purposes even though they were carried out in different universities in different geographical locations. They both showed that many students are into staying in the library to do research or at least just to read some books.

The key facilities of libraries

Mary research show that the ideal library for students nowadays is not the one with many printed books but the one with high technological equipment (computer workstations) and proper seating and area (silent area, group working area, special rooms for projects). According to Zhang and Alexander (2007) the key purposes of visiting academic libraries were the categories of facilities, access and technology, and resources as well as using the website. Students often take advantage of the website as a tool to access databases and electronic periodicals.

Frequency of visits

University libraries are often full of students during weekdays and quite free at weekends asafter having so many lessons, not many studentswant to go back to academic life and read books. Most students are not frequent visitors of libraries. Many of them tend to go there 2-3 times in a week and there are students who in fact never use their university libraries, but the good thing is that they are in small quantities. (Caihong and Qing,2013; Artur, Brafi and Kuranchie,2013)

State the specific information

WIUT LRC is known to be one of the best equipped libraries in the Republic of Uzbekistan and has been serving the University of Westminster for 18 years until now. Potential users of the library include students and teachers of the University. Therefore their feedback and opinions regarding the library services and facilities should be taken to consideration for providing satisfactory services and amenities in the library. The main services and facilities of the library are borrowing books, silent area, group-working area, PC laboratory, their website and access to online databases.

Describe the organization of the paper

The paper consists of 5 main pars including Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations. Methodolgy part informs about the techniques and procedures that are applied to receive and analyze information about the study being carried out. In the Results section, all the findings obtained during research are stated and figures as charts and graphs are provided to present data. Next, the results are discussed, interpreted and the research question is answered in the discussion part. Last but not least, ultimate conclusion will be drawn followed by several recommendations.

Provide a thesis statement

The research focuses on the library of WIUT and aims to discover the main reasons why students use it.

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