Assignment 3 (Total 40 points) Name zokirov farrukh group 025

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assignment 3
1 sinf ona tili 4 chorak, 1 sinf matematika 1, dunyo-taomlari, Buxoro xonligidagi markaziy boshqaruvdagi mansablar RANGLI, Buxoro xonligidagi markaziy boshqaruvdagi mansablar RANGLI, MONOPOLISTIK RAQOBATLASHGAN BOZOR, ozbekiston iqtisodiyotiga xorijiy investitsiyalarni jalb qilishning ustuvor yonalishlari, 7 sinf musiqa fanidan ochiq dars ishl, Nutq, muloot, boshlangich sinf matematika darslarida orta osiyolik olimlar ijodidan foydalanish metodikasi , 15-variant lab 4, nemeckij nachalnyj 30, QO'CHQOROV SH bojhona st 73 Referat1

ASSIGNMENT 3 (Total 40 points)

Name___ZOKIROV FARRUKH___ Group __025_______ Date _________

Task 1. Match definitions with the words from the box:

(1 point for each correct answer. Total 12)

Location, reset, optical character recognition (OCR) , сustomize, permissions, transmit, data, logs, exactly, record, accelerometer, tag; report , deploy.

  1. change something to make it suit a special purpose__Customize__

  2. add electronic information to something, e.g. a photo__tag__

  3. the position of something__location__

  4. changing written or printed words to data that a computer can understand __optical character recognition__

  5. give information __report__

  6. a word used to show that something is completely correct and true__exactly__

  7. stored information, e.g. on a computer__record\data__

  8. a small part inside smartphones and other devices that measures change of speed, e.g. if someone drops it__accellerometer__

  9. change; set again __reset__

  10. install on many computers at the same time __deploy\transmit__

  11. settings on a computer, file or folder that say who can use it__logs__

  12. data that a program or computer produces while it runs, to show how well it is working__permissions__

Task 2. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the words from the box

fields form objects primary key financial unique query the database record report retrieve a record
(1 point for each correct answer. Total 10)

A database has several parts. These are called (1)__objects__. The simplest of these is a table; most databases have at least two. Tables look like a spreadsheet. Each row in the table is a(n) (2) __record__, containing information about one item, such as a person or something that the company sells. Each of these contains several (3)__fields__ with information about the item. For example, in a company’s employee database, these might be family name, given name, phone number and so on. One important point is that one field in each record must be (4)__unique__ - the same data must not be in any other record. We call this field the (5) __primary key__It can be a staff ID number, for example, but it can’t be a given name because many people have the same given name.

Another type of object is a(n) (6)__form__ , which is used for entering data into tables. A third object type is a(n) (7)__report__ This can show data from more than one table at the same time, looks good and is suitable for printing.

There are several ways to get data out of a database. One is simply to (8)__retrive a record__ - for example, if we want to check the data in a single record, such as an employee’s phone number. If we want to combine information from several tables or to do something with the data such as add up (9)__financial__information from several records, we can (10)__query the database__.

Task 3. Match photos A-H to definitions 1-8. (1 point for each correct answer. Total 8)

  1. NAS (network attached storage) device: a collection of drives in a single box, accessed through a network and thus more flexible than a device attached to only one computer;__A__

  2. touchpad: part of a laptop computer used instead of a mouse for moving the cursor;__D__

  3. stylus: a pen-shaped device sometimes used with some kinds of screens;__F__

  4. graphics tablet and stylus: a flat pressure-sensitive pad and pen-shaped device, often used with graphic design software;__E__

  5. touch screen: a screen that can detect when and where a finger touches it;__B__

  6. projector: a device that shows a copy of the computer’s screen on a large screen, often used in presentations; __H__

  7. headset: a device people wear on their heads that includes a microphone as well as headphones; __C__

  8. multifunction printer: a printer that also has other functions such as scanning, copying and/or faxing. __G__

Task 4. Use these prompts to write sentences with while, before or after.

  1. Sample: install the software/do a full backup.

Before installing the software, do a full backup.

( 2 point for each correct answer. Total 10)

  1. install an operating system/the computer may reboot several times

While installing an operating system, the computer may reboot several times.

  1. deploy major software upgrades/train the users

Before deploying major software upgrades, train the users.

  1. replace the hard drive/everything will go smoothly

After replacing the hard drive, everything will go smoothly.

  1. forget a password/reset it

After forgetting a password, reset it.

  1. install new drivers/restart computer

After installing new drivers, restart computer
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